Another project, another award

Another project, another award

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Awards seem to be coming thick and fast for dion seminara architecture at the moment with our recent architectural design – the St Peter and Paul Church Restoration receiving an Australian Institute of Architects Commendation for Public Architecture – Influencing Community.

This project in so many ways represents the church itself. Undertaking change, a fresh new outlook but still staying true to its origins and its traditions.

Almost a century old the church was in need of some restorative work, but rather than go for a straight restoration the church decided to enlist the services of dion seminara architecture to create a renovation architectural design that would not only be visually spectacular but also highly functional. And so the project began.

Details of the public architectural design project

Whereas once the celebration of the liturgy was the domain of the priest, it is now the domain of the baptised assembly as a whole. So a more connected and inclusive layout was called for.

To achieve this end the ambo and altar were moved from their elevated and isolated position at one end of the nave to a more central position placing them among the worshipers. Importantly the design achieved this in such a way that there was no loss of seating capacity.

The new layout and architectural design focus attention more on the centre of the church. It was therefore important that the lighting did the same, framing the space and highlighting the ancient Norman font along with the ambo and altar which have been carved from single cubes of marble.

In keeping with the desire to move with the times, a colourful new tiled floor was added with care taken to respect and work in with the existing colour scheme. The result is simply stunning with the rearranged pews giving worshipers excellent views of the beautiful new architectural design.

Of course, it wasn’t all about change. Extensive restoration work was undertaken at the same time. Artworks and brickwork were carefully restored to their former glory, preserving the rich history of this beautiful building for many future generations.

A successful example of public architecture  – influencing the community

The project has been an enormous success, creating a space that is at one inviting whilst still being suitably majestic. This is a place of comfort, where the modern look and feel enhances the history and tradition of the faith rather than compete with it.

The words of Father Tom Elich perhaps best sum it up when he says:

“The balanced distribution of the seating gives the church a warm communal feel, while the formal arrangement of the centre and the suffused lighting give the church a dignity which evokes the transcendent.”

To have been involved in such a beautiful project is a reward in itself. To have received a Public Architecture Design Award for the work that we have done is simply icing on the cake.

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More images of the St Peter & Paul Church architectural renovation design project