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Hawthorne Queenslander 1930s Art Deco External & Landscape Renovation

Contemporary character

1930s Art Deco Queenslander

In a suburb that’s well-known for its Queenslander homes, this Art Deco Queenslander rises from a sea of similar designs. Extensive external and landscape work brings this 1930s Art Deco Queenslander home to life, with both contemporary and character features. Additionally, a dark colour scheme brings the classic features of an Art Deco Queenslander to the forefront, with perfectly designed and manicured tropical gardens popping with colour and vibrance. Finally, the large mesh-covered veggie pavilion at the rear of the property brings urban farming to the suburbs on the city’s fringe, with abundant produce bringing fresh food to our client’s family and friends.

If you like the external works and landscape design renovation of this art deco Queenslander and dream of something for yourself, contact us today to engage Brisbane’s number 1 Queenslander renovation architect.

Project Number: 160302

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