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It’s exciting to think that we may soon be working together to create your dream forever home. Dion Seminara has more than 3 decades of experience as a specialist home design architect for bespoke, tailored projects for your lifestyle wants and needs. Whether your project is a new home or a renovation, you will be delighted with the final outcome. Together we can create a stunning, tailored design for your project.

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My goal for my clients is to ensure they have a great living environment. I am passionate about what I do. I want to ensure you have the best-designed outcome that sits within your means. As famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said “God is in the detail…”
Dion Seminara, Principal Architect, dion seminara architecture
How To Begin

Design Advice Service

Discover Step 1 of Our 6 Step Process Today

When beginning any project it’s important that you analyse the viability of your project and look at all the options and ideas to best address your needs. Our Brisbane Architects will help you do just that with our Specialist Pre-Design consultation: Our Design Advice Service at your home or land. We will consider:

  • What you love about your current home
  • What doesn’t work and any possible restrictions
  • What outcome you hope to achieve
  • How you currently live within your home
  • Your longer-term needs and building budget
  • The potential renovation or new home layout options
  • Environmentally friendly Design solutions and energy efficiency improvements.

To find out more about this first step call us on 07 3899 9450 or make an enquiry.

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Why choose Dion Seminara Architecture

When choosing to work with us, we will look at your project holistically. We will combine the benefits of both the design and building world to deliver on all of your needs. Our principal architect, Dion, is also  a licensed building contractor. As a result, he stands at the forefront of leading design and building techniques to bring a completely customised idea to life from end to end without compromise or flaw.

Many of our clients who have experience  with other architects comment that our expertise and attention to detail is second to none.

We receive frequent feedback from clients that they never feel left in the dark or bombarded with frivolous designs that don’t match their ideals of comfort.

We are able to provide our clients with luxurious living at the height of modern design. We don’t let our own style preferences get in the way.

Awards and accomplishments aside, we are perfectionists best placed to deliver enjoyable living the way you want it, with no unwanted surprises.

As an experienced architect, Dion can go beyond simple designs. He looks to improve the functionality, longevity and aesthetic of a building project.

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How we focus on your lifestyle and comfort

Queenslanders spend almost 90% of their time outdoors. As our homes allow for leisure and exercise, rest, entertainment, dining and more. These spaces play a huge role in how we define the quality of time spent with friends, family, and ourselves.

We will give you good advice and recommendations. You will experience a diverse set of designs that meet your requirements.

Sustainable Architecture:

In this sustainable building approach any harmful environmental impacts are mitigated by:

  • prioritising efficiency
  • effective use of natural light and shade
  • Effective ventilation, layout and use of renewable materials.

Efficient insulation can reduce the need for energy consuming temperature control… especially in the harsh Queensland climate.

End to End Inclusions:

Our architectural process is likely the most holistic approach possible. Because of our expertise, from interior design to landscape design, we are able to match your needs to well-engineered ideas. This includes placement and positioning of entertaining additions such as:

  • Pools and spas, bbq areas, gyms and tennis courts
  • Efficient use of leisure and relaxation spaces like outdoor lounges
  • Theatre rooms and dens that consider privacy and sound-proofing

Architecture for Accessibility:

A holistic view of architecture is needed for people with accessible needs. Our designs keep this in mind. If you have movement restrictions we can design from the ground up at the beginning.

We measure access to all rooms and surfaces. This allows for space to move in and out of these areas easily, with as little compromise as possible.

We consider many factors in our planning
and design phases. So that we can achieve your
definition of an enhanced lifestyle.

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We inspire you. We listen to you

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you want until you see it.

During our pre-design services we set out to identify what you’d like to change about your home.  We learn what your preferences are to truly enjoy comfortable living.

We are then able to consult on a range of ideas from existing house designs to bespoke solutions.

With over 30 years’ experience as an architect in Brisbane, Dion understands the needs of local housing. He is able to translate homeowner thoughts into inspiring designs. Designs that are suitable to the climate and surrounds.

While we’re more than capable of giving ideas, we are not here to make assumptions on how you should enjoy your space. Lifestyle needs are personal and we allow your architectural requirements to mirror this. Our transparent process is easy to understand. You will have no hesitations or difficulties in sharing your input or changes. Making sure your needs are heard every step of the way.

Our Principal Architect, Dion Seminara, has over six years of University Education. He also has over 30 years of ongoing professional development. He is professionally obliged to advise you on all aspects of a building project.

  • We are 100% independent of builders and contractors
  • Our competitive tender process make sure we get the best fit of contractors to work on your project
  • Our design process allows for easy two-way communication and changes

Dion is skilled at asking the right questions to understand your needs. He can then illustrate inspirational ideas to achieve your goals.

The “Client-First” Brisbane Architecture Firm

dion seminara architecture awards

Dion Seminara

Dion is an award-winning architect from Brisbane who specialises in architectural, interior and landscape design. He has over 30 years of experience in design and construction… a qualified industry professional who delivers innovative design solutions for his clients. Have your dream home designed to your lifestyle needs by Dion.

Residential House Design Experts

Individual designs expertly tailored to YOUR specific needs and subtropical climate.


House Renovations
& Additions

traditional | heritage | queenslander | workers cottage | post war 1880 to 2000


New Home Projects

custom styles | new contemporary
new character


Bespoke Luxury Residences
& Estates

design solutions for your luxury residence
and large private estates

On top of our 30+ years of experience as residential architects in Brisbane, we also have broad experience in a variety of other building projects including multi-residential apartments and townhouses developments, commercial projects, community buildings and places of worship.

Our Expertise

Environmental, Social &
Economic Sustainable Architecture


A major consideration when choosing an architect to design your home, is sustainability and we’re dedicated to enhancing life through our sustainable design solutions, including: environmental, economical and social sustainability.

Our Guidance

Partial & Full
Project Management

Full Project Management

Our process brings you peace of mind as we offer a full suite of professional services. This includes, concept to approval stages, competitive tendering or negoatiated contacts and complete project management options tailored to your needs.

Our Specialty

Our Passively
Designed New Homes

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We’ve been recently awarded a high effiecient energy star rating of 8.7 for our project at Sherwood. Your average home usually rates around a 3 or a 4. Our sustainably efficient design is an example of our focus of sustainable design.

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Our Interior Approach

Interior Design


Our interior designer works alongside our architects to provide an interior that will flow seamlessly throughout your home. A well-designed interior also keeps your home tidy with smart storage solutions.

Our Integrated Approach

Architectural Design


We provide an integrated approach to architecture. With full consideration to achieve the best result for your project. We look at the bigger picture.

Our Landscape Approach

Landscape Design


With our beautiful climate, we spend so much of our time relaxing outdoors. Our landscape design service can create functional and attractive spaces through landscaping and external works design.

Dion Seminara Architecture has completed 1000’s of our professional pre-design, design advice services over the years and over 700 design services. These services have achieved, for those we have encountered, creative but functional design solutions, built and designed, with honest and ethical input from me along the way.

You are in safe hands, if you are willing to think laterally and invest in us.
As Walter Gropius (a famous architect) says, “The mind is like an umbrella, it’s most useful when it’s open.”

Ours is a collaborative approach, it’s all about working together to get you the very best outcome. We take the time to truly get to understand you and your needs. Our expertise and years of experience, in Brisbane architecture, allows us to create outstanding, unique designs beyond your expectations. Using the latest in cutting edge technology to help explain ourselves; we can take you on a virtual tour of your project before a shovel of soil is turned.

As one of Brisbane’s best architects, dion seminara architecture has designed and built projects in all parts of Brisbane and Queensland. When you’re looking for the most experienced architects, Brisbane residents have been choosing dion seminara architecture for more than 30 years – just look at some of our reviews.