Post War Home Renovations 1940-1960’s

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Post War Home Renovation Services

When it comes to renovating post war to 2000’s homes we are the design experts. Transform your post war home into a modern new home or blend the old with the new.

Design focus

Post-war Home Renovations

If you’re looking to renovate a post-war (1940’s – 1960’s) style home in Brisbane, then we strongly recommend you consider using an architect. Houses built during this period tended to be on the ‘conservative side’. This means that their design approaches largely prioritised practicality over aesthetics. These houses are, however, not without potential as you can see from the images in our Post War Home Gallery.

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Post-war Home Design Experts

The Architect Difference

Post war to 2000’s homes tend to have ‘good bones’, which is a great base to start when renovating. Many of these homes include quality materials including copper pipes or quality timber, which have great potential. Original owners of these homes often did much of the work themselves. Therefore, the designs tended to be basic both in terms of function and form. We wish to transform these homes from the past, and focus on designing for your future lifestyle.

Post-war Home Renovations

Before and Afters

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