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Embark on a journey with us, by creating a specialised SDA home design. Whether you want an SDA home for your own needs or you’re looking for an ethical investment opportunity, designing an SDA friendly home is an intelligent and ethical choice when designing a home in today’s market, as the demand for SDA-approved homes is growing. At dion seminara architecture, we can design you a sophisticated home design that will be functional and an attractive long-term opportunity that will benefit you and the future community.

We are also specialists at creating SDA properties which use sustainable and passive design principles to achieve exceptional energy efficiency ratings!

SDA Housing Project in Corinda

What is SDA Housing?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a style of sophisticated housing, designed to be adaptable and accessible to accommodate people who require specialist housing solutions. The style of residential design we offer is specifically aimed to adapt and deliver support to people’s lifestyle needs.

Unfortunately, there are way too many Australians with disabilities that do not have functional housing, resulting in them dwelling in dysfunctional accommodations or age care facilities. We believe this is no way to live and everyone should be able to have access to a home that is comfortable, has good flow, and is suited to an individual’s personal functional and lifestyle needs.

It’s not difficult to create an amazing SDA home, it just takes robust design thinking – that’s where we come in!

Who does this Accommodate?

Our SDA housing design service aims to move away from traditional models of SDA housing, which often include poor design and cater for one person. Instead, we aim to design beautifully designed homes that can be designed for single residents or group models.

Depending on an individual’s living preferences, we can develop SDA home design solutions for independent living outcomes, shared living outcomes and many other housing opportunities for people. As residential architects, our design solutions aim to accommodate a range of needs and functions without compromising stunning design.

SDA Housing Architects
SDA Housing Design

SDA Housing for Investors

We can cater SDA housing design for investors as well as for personal needs. SDA housing is an ethical investment – providing much needed facilities for people with disabilities and is a way to support a person with high level, complex needs. This is a new opportunity to invest while providing support to people with disability, their carers and their families.

SDA housing is a segment within the design industry that was once in undersupply, however is now growing, with the Australian Government committing significant funding to SDA housing rental assistance to compensate and increase the SDA housing supply. If you’re looking into designing an SDA home, we encourage you to work with us, the design & lifestyle experts, in engaging this worthwhile property investment, that will not only benefit yourself but our future community.

SDA Design Standards

All of our SDA home designs are customized to each individual client, however there are fundamental features that are integral to the functionality and comfortably of all SDA homes. Below outlines the SDA categories that are assessed and inform the specifications and requirements of each home to support their owners comfortably:


Fundamental Housing Elements

The house design must have addressed the important SDA characteristics for the overall home design. This includes things such as location, privacy, and shared supports.


Increased Livability

The design needs to improve the client’s at home lifestyle by incorporating easy accessibility and greater provisions for people with sensory, intellectual, or cognitive impairment. Additionally, we design with a heavy emphasis on the flow of the home – maximising the space’s liveability.


Full Accessibility

The design of the home is fully accommodated to different levels of physical impairment, and high levels of support when it comes to accessibility provisions, within and outside the home.


Robust & Low Maintenance

We can design homes that require minimal maintenance, making it easier for those with disabilities to live in the home.


High Physical Support

The design will focus on providing the necessary client support when it comes to everyday tasks, and accessibility.

SDA Housing Architects

Benefits We Can Offer

  • You will benefit from over 30 years of design and project management experience in residential design, lifestyle design, construction, planning and project management.
  • Our architects will create accessible and functional residential designs, designed for a range of high level needs and functions without the compromise of stunning design
  • We will consider each product and material to be used for construction ensuring the look and feel of the design represents your style.
  • Our designs will aim to improve the livablity and lifestyle of yourself or other individuals living within the home
  • You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your long-term needs versus wants
  • We want you to have the opportunity to tell us about your project so your design is of quality and specific to you and your needs and lifestyle requirements
  • We aim to see investors make a high return in rental payments through designing a property that caters to the needs of individuals with disabilities
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India, 2019


“We engaged Dion Seminara Architecture to help find a more aesthetically pleasing solution to using a baby gate to fence off an area for our dogs. His design solution was nothing short of brilliant – both in form and function. We are astounded at the way that Dion managed to effectively understand our brief, understand our passion for interior design, gauge our style and uncompromising standards and immediately provide options that were on-point. We have an immense amount of respect for his talent, and that of his team. He is professional, punctual and accommodating.”

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If you have any questions about our services or find yourself looking for more information about how dion seminara architecture can help your project, we would love to hear from you.

We offer complimentary introduction calls in order to learn more about your project, and give you an expert’s opinion on which of our services is right for you.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to:

  • Give us an overview of your project.
  • Ask questions about the build/renovation process.
  • Learn how you can benefit from our services to get the best design, quality build, and outcome for your lifestyle.
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