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Lifestyle-Focused Architectural Design

Client Benefits

With over thirty years of experience designing new homes and renovations, we know that the best designs happen when your architect takes the time to truly understand your wants and needs. As one of Brisbane’s leading lifestyle-focused residential architecture firms, we create tailored design solutions that enhance the way you live. Whether you are renovating, building new, looking for indoor-outdoor connectivity, or redesigning the interiors or landscape of your home, we are passionate about all things custom. Let us take your home design to the next level!

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Our Architectural Difference

Why work with dion seminara architecture?

Situated in Morningside, Brisbane, our boutique practice offers integrated design across buildings, interiors, and landscapes. Our goal is a simple one – to create the very best lifestyle-focused designs for our clients. We are one of Brisbane’s leading residential firms, generating home designs for both new home and renovation projects. If you are in the market for a truly unique, upmarket new home, or spectacular renovation outcomes, our designs stand the test of time.

Our difference spans from our proven ability to create designs that enhance the lifestyle of our clients. In addition to homes, our architects have curated outstanding outcomes for multi-residential projects, public commercial buildings, apartments, luxury resorts, and historic churches!

Whether you’re looking to renovate your home or undertake a new home project – what excites us at dion seminara architecture is creating spaces that are diverse and exciting! Being professional architects means we have the knowledge and experience to find innovative ways to improve your residential project. Whether you are starting with an existing house, or an empty block of land – we believe that every space can be transformed into something that you will be proud to be able to call your forever home.

Client Benefits

How Our Firm’s Differences Will Benefit You

There are plenty of architecture and design firms to choose from. Our point of difference is that we are an award-winning, highly regarded firm, providing unique and innovative designs. Additionally, when your Principal Architect is a licensed builder our entire approach remains practical – we speak the same language as builders while remaining 100% independent of them – so that your needs are covered at every possible step. Our relationship with you is the key to project success, and we ensure consultation and input are gathered at each step. This collaborative approach ensures that we can safely translate your lifestyle needs and goals into designs – without making any assumptions on your behalf.

Client Benefits

Lifestyle Design

We understand that every home – just like every person or family – is different. At dion seminara architecture you definitely won’t get a cookie cutter or one size fits all. What you do get is a design solution that matches perfectly with YOUR family’s needs and site situation at every level.

Client Benefits

Value for Money

We are driven to provide more value to your project. Our focus on your needs is what makes our design process a cut above the rest. From custom sketch design, design development, and right up to tendering and project management, attention to detail is our priority!

Client Benefits

Personalised Approach

We provide a personalised approach with full consideration of all services to achieve the best result for your project. From building architectural design and interior design to landscape and external works design, we always look at what is right for you, your family and your lifestyle needs.

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Our Architect’s Specialist Styles

We are lucky to have a team of architects who specialise in a range of styles. We understand that the “perfect home” is one which is tailor made for the client wanting to live in it! Over the years, dion seminara architecture is proud to have won a range of awards across a range of residential styles!

Our Services
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Our specialities

Values That Will Benefit You

To understand our values, you must first understand my ‘Why’; (why it is that I do what I do). I am an architect because my calling is to serve others, to help them realise their dreams, to create more than just beautiful homes.

Quality architecture has soul, it has a connection to its owner, a reflection of what is important to them and the way they live. My reason for doing what I do is to create a beautiful sanctuary for my clients. A place, stunning in appearance, and as comfortable as a loved one’s embrace.


Great Design is Woven into Every Project

We create homes that perfectly suit our customer’s lifestyle. We believe that your home should be a place of sanctuary; a place where you feel safe and secure. A beautifully designed home features spaces that work seamlessly together, both inside and out, with a place for everything. The homes that we design add to our clients emotionally, spiritually, and financially.


The Needs of the Client are Always at the Forefront

We are here to serve our client’s needs. We don’t take shortcuts, never rehashing designs or choosing an option simply because it’s easy. The aesthetics of the design are carefully crafted around our clients lifestyle. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and then design the project as if it were our own.


Our Clients Bring the Need, We Bring the Know-How

Our clients come to us with a need. Occasionally they will have a vision of how that need could be fulfilled, but often, they are coming to us for solutions to their problems. The fact that they choose us over others proves that they value experience and skill. Where others see challenges, we see opportunity. We bring more than 3 decades of experience to every project, finding unique and creative ways to give our clients the very best outcome.


Unrelenting Attention to Detail

It is important to understand what you can achieve with the budget you have allocated. We will look at your proposed project and give you some initial thoughts on how far your budget will stretch. We will also discuss building costs, consultants fees and our design service fees within this discussion.


Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Will your project leave your property over or under capitalised? We are not financial advisors and recommend that you get professional, independent financial advice in relation to this question. However, feel free to ask us during your design advice service if you would like our opinion on any potential capitalisation issues in relation to your project.


Dedication to Sustainability and the Environment

Years of experience have taught us that our clients value honest feedback. We will provide alternate solutions, and assist you in developing your ideas if we don’t believe that a proposed change you are considering will be of benefit to you. You can rest assured that we will provide real direction to ensure that your project provides you with the lifestyle benefits you are looking for.

What we’re like to work with

You’ll Love Working With Us

Driven to perfection, as a boutique firm we are passionate about delivering breathtaking designs for our clients. Whilst we believe the following points set us apart, it’s your opinion that matters. The only way to understand the benefits we can bring to your project is to talk to us about your needs and let us show you how we can help.

Design expertise

Our talented team of designers can make your dreams a reality, making the seemingly impossible – possible. With over thirty years of design experience, Dion’s keen eye for detail is evident across all our projects.

Focus on lifestyle

Your renovation or new home should be designed to suit the way you live. As one of Brisbane’s leading lifestyle architecture firms, we create tailored design solutions that enhance the way our clients live.

A wealth of experience

With three decades of experience in home design, building and construction, our unique blend of experience enables us to create designs that enhance your life and offer excellent value for money.

Direct and honest advice

Our wealth of experience in the Brisbane and South East Queensland property markets, combined with our architectural and building background, puts us in the unique position to offer quality advice to give you the best outcome.

Eco-friendly design

Whether your goal is reducing your environmental impact, or cutting the running costs of your home, our passion for sustainable design can help you achieve the sustainability outcome that you desire.

Award-winning designs

While we always focus on our clients needs and goals, a significant number of awards have still come our way over the years.

Building strong relationships

Homes and renovations are not the only things we produce. Thanks to the relationships we have formed with our clients, the bulk of our work is through referrals.

Personal service

Regardless of which architect is looking after your project, you will enjoy personal service from Dion himself as he makes a point of getting to know every client individually.

Quality assured

At dion seminara architecture, we are a Quality Assured architecture firm. We conform to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000.

Talented team

When you engage dion seminara architecture you benefit from the expert skill set that comes with hiring a professional team that includes architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and perspective artists.

Location. Location. Location.

We love Brisbane!

Travel around this magnificent country of ours, and you might notice that the architecture differs from one place to the next. Often this difference is subtle, with one region offering a slight change in architectural flavour to the next. At other times the difference is quite noticeable. Brisbane is one prime example where the architecture stands out against other capital cities of Australia.

Brisbane’s unique location relevant to the equator creates a need to understand sub-tropical design in order to create buildings and gardens that suit local climatic conditions. Of course, it’s not just theory, practical experience and design talent are also vitally important to a design’s outcome. We’re proud to take in a variety of needs from lifestyle to environmental and still deliver a sound structure that is amazing to look at and live in.

What makes us ‘boutique’?

‘Boutique’ is More Than Just a Word

There are plenty of architecture companies and design firms to choose from. Our point of difference is that we are an award-winning, highly regarded firm providing unique and innovative designs. Additionally, when your Principal Architect is a licenced builder, our entire approach remains practical. We speak the same language as builders while remaining 100% independent of them so that your needs are covered at every possible step. Our relationship with you is the key to project success, and we ensure consultation and input are gathered at each step. This way, we can safely translate your lifestyle needs and goals into designs without making any assumptions on your part.

Cost efficiency

See how an architect can save you money

There are many advantages to working with professional Brisbane based custom home architects like dion seminara architecture:

Protecting Your Interests

When you work with our architectural custom home design team, our focus will always be on you, and how to maximise your home’s living conditions. Unlike others in the industry, we don’t tailor our designs to maximise profits for the builder.

Build Real Estate Value

An architecturally designed home has continually proven to be a valuable asset. In the crowded real estate market, your home will stand out from a crowd of mass-produced project homes. A home designed by an award-winning architectural firm will be an additional marketing point for your real estate agent to ensure that you get top-dollar when you decide to sell.

Balance of Form, Function and Aesthetics

As experienced Brisbane architects, we are masters at balancing form and function, giving you a home that maximises liveability as well as aesthetics.

Copyright Ownership

With dion seminara architecture, YOU will own the copyright to your design. If you work with a building designer, then your building’s copyright remains with the building designer, which means you’re left with no design if you reject their building proposal.

Competitive Tenders

As professionally recognised Brisbane architects, we can call for competitive tenders – and save you a tonne of money on your build!

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