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We are Hamptons Architects Based in Brisbane

Creating a Hamptons look will require modifications to the design so the home suits Brisbane’s local climate. This is where we come in. Let our experienced architects transform your home into the custom-designed Hampton’s style home of your dreams that is practical for our environment, ensuring the best fit for you on energy consumption and lifestyle. Our specialist team can guide your project.

Adapting to Your Hamptons Style Renovations

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Dion Seminara and his team of architects are experienced in transforming various styles of housing into bespoke Hampton’s Style residences. We do this while maintaining any elements of the original house which were suitable for our climate. Are you in the market for a Hampton’s Style new home or renovation? Let our team deliver the house of your dreams!

Hampton-style renovations, especially to Queenslander homes or Hampton-style new house designs, have become increasingly popular throughout South East Queensland over the past few years. But whilst these homes are popular summertime retreats in the U.S., they are not exactly suited to our subtropical climate. Careful planning and design adaptation is required to create a Hampton-style home that is stunning and practical. See our completed Hamptons-style home design project built in Gregor’s Creek, Queensland.

Hamptons Style Architecture Services

Before and Afters

Hamptons Style Architecture ServicesHamptons Style Architecture ServicesHamptons Style Architecture ServicesHamptons Style Architecture ServicesHamptons Style Architecture ServicesHamptons Style Architecture ServicesHamptons Style Architecture ServicesHamptons Style Architecture ServicesHamptons Style Architecture ServicesHamptons Style Architecture ServicesHamptons Style Architecture Services
Hamptons Style Architecture Services
Hamptons Style Architecture Services

Hamptons Style Home Features

Hampton-style homes get their name from the popularity of this home style in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York. They are impressive-looking homes popular with those who like to entertain or simply enjoy an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Common features include:

  • Timber exteriors are typically painted white
  • Gable-styled roofs with wide balconies
  • Large windows, including feature bay windows
  • Large openings connecting indoors to outdoor undercover areas
  • Timber-framed bi-fold glass doors
  • Wide verandahs and other undercover areas
  • A focus on indoor/outdoor living and entertaining
  • Kitchens tend to be elaborate and centre-pieces

Download our Project Planning Resource

To help with planning your Hamptons Style home we have created a Project Planning Pack that is perfect for moving through the research phase of starting a new project. You can download this workbook using the link below.

Download the project planning pack here

Our holistic design approach

These homes are designed so that the outdoor undercover areas effectively become an extension of the home’s interior. Movement in and out of the home is effortless and often unnoticeable as the openings are wide, and the floor finishes tend to carry through from the interior into the wide verandas. The floor finishes themselves can be polished timber or tiles.

We find that the key to creating the perfect Hampton’s style home is to ensure that all parts of the property are designed to work together. Our holistic approach to exterior architecture, interior design and landscape design perfectly lends itself to this home style.

Hamptons Style Architecture Services

Hamptons style meets Queenslander style

Hamptons style merged with Queenslander homes is a union designed by experienced Queenslander architects and produces stunning offspring. There are plenty of similarities between the two styles of homes. But it’s the differences that make them such a natural match. By taking the best design elements of one and combining them with the other, Queenslander architects like us make it possible to create a truly stunning Brisbane Hamptons-style home.

Hamptons Style Architecture Services

Adapting the Hampton Style for Queensland

Whilst Hampton-style homes are often called ‘summer homes’, they don’t lend themselves to our subtropical climate, at least not in their traditional form. So to get the Hampton’s style look but in a form that suits our climate year-round, you need an architect who has the skills to blend the style of the home with the eco-friendly functionality that South East Queensland requires. We have a great understanding of eco-friendly home design, cross-flow ventilation and how to take advantage of natural lighting and can adapt Hampton’s style to suit the Brisbane climate.

Our ability to create seamless connections between interior and outdoor living spaces is needed to create a successful Hampton-style home design. Your lifestyle is the main consideration in any home design. We are experts at creating homes that suit people’s lifestyles. As Hampton-style architects, we can master plan your home design so you have the flexibility to build in stages if required.

So if you’re looking for a Hampton-style house design in Brisbane or want to know more, contact us today. We are only too happy to answer any questions you might have.

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