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Your dream home can become a reality with dion seminara architecture. No matter what sort of building you’re working with or what stage you’re at, our award-winning Brisbane architects will breathe life into your vision and turn it into a stunning design.

And with an architectural design process that’s easy to follow and understand, you will enjoy a stress-free process during the planning, design and build of your project.

Step 1

How to begin your architectural Journey with dion seminara architecture

Not sure what to do or how to commence your project? Give us a call or make an enquiry to speak to our design team. Post our discussion, we offer two face to face opportunities that may interest you. Please see below for more information.

At dion seminara architecture, we spend more time on research so that your project will flow smoothly during the rest of the process. Our Brisbane Architects will help you to analyse the viability of your project with our paid consultation, the FUNDAMENTAL Design Advice Service.

We respect the needs, wants and aspirations of our clients and we will give you direction to ensure you are always heading in the right direction before you commit to pen and paper design services.

To find out more about this first step, please call our office on 07 3899 9450.

Dion Seminara

My goal for clients is to ensure they have a great living environment. I am passionate about what I do and I am a perfectionist. I want to ensure you have the best-designed outcome that sits within your means. As I say God is in the detail

Make an enquiry for a free chat with Dion Seminara
with upgrades to our Design Advice Service

Design Advice

Suitable for those who are getting started to renovation or build a new home



2-3 hours onsite orally presented pre-design consultation

Tell us about your project
Understand about the build/renovation process
Learn how design and quality build can benefit you
Discover if we are a good fit for you and your project
Discuss the feasibility and function viability of the project and your ideas
Explore the opportunities and constraints of your site
Comprehensive analysis of your long-term needs versus wants
Discuss your brief, room details, sizes, orientation etc.
Discuss the potential layout options and indoor outdoor connection
Discuss potential solutions with environmentally friendly design and energy efficiency improvements
Discuss the planning and building regulation requirements and legal viability
Discuss building costs and budgetary needs
Design Drawings and plans Upgrade to one of our Design
Service Packages, Step 2 to Step 6

Masterplan Concept


Masterplan Concept to Plans


Masterplan Concept to Build Ready



Architect’s Pre-Design Services

We take pride in delivering environmental house design and building projects that enhance lifestyles and meet your needs. We will need to work in a collaborative partnership with you.

Our architectural process is comprised of a set of 6 Steps which ensures the outcomes reflect the lifestyle desires of our clients. The first step is creating a relationship with you and understanding your project and lifestyle needs through an onsite pre-design meeting.

Pre-design service

What Our Pre-Design Services Include

The following list outlines the considerations we will discuss during your Pre-Design service. Both services will cover…

Current Lifestyle Requirements

Looking at your preferred lifestyle, your hobbies, interests and favourite pastimes. We consider how worthwhile your proposed renovations are with regard to maximising your lifestyle and the overall liveability of your home while ensuring an environmental house design.

Future Lifestyle Requirements

Are you thinking about starting a family? Or perhaps you have school age children that will soon grow into teenagers? Or maybe you are approaching your retirement years? As part of this service, we will look at likely changes in the future and how to best manage these within the context of your house design.

Design Solutions

Based on your specific needs and immediate requirements, we look at environmentally friendly house designs options that will resolve your current needs. Based on your long term lifestyle needs we look at design solutions that will ensure that your home offers you the highest levels of comfort and overall liveability now and into the future.

Budget Assessments

It is important to understand what you can achieve with the budget you have allocated. We will look at your proposed project and give you some initial thoughts on how far your budget will stretch. We will also discuss building costs, consultants fees and our design service fees within this discussion.


Will your project leave your property over or under capitalised? We are not financial advisors and recommend that you get professional, independent financial advice in relation to this question. However, feel free to ask us during your pre-design service if you would like our opinion on any potential capitalisation issues in relation to your project.

Honest Feedback

Years of experience has taught us that our clients value honest feedback. We will provide alternate solutions and assist you in developing your ideas if we don’t believe that a proposed change you are considering will be of benefit to you. You can rest assured that we will provide real direction to ensure that your project provides you with the lifestyle benefits you are looking for.

Client Testimonial

“After coming to the conclusion that we needed an outdoor entertainment area, we contacted Dion and others to discuss our options. All the other people offered to come to our house to provide a free quote and consultation. Dion was the only one that charged for this service. After initially baulking at the price, we reluctantly decided to proceed with his seeming larger consultation fee. We were quite nervous in paying this amount because we did not know what value Dion would provide. Even on the day that Dion was to arrive, we still had doubts whether this was the right thing to do – but we decided to have an open mind.

Dion not only arrived on time but he actually talked to us and wanted to get a feel for what we did in the different parts of the house. Yes, his brief was that we needed an outdoor entertainment area, but within 20 minutes of Dion’s consultation, he was challenging us on that notion. His challenging questions and realistic answers shed new light on what we thought we wanted. Dion really listened to our needs and presented ideas that went to the heart of what we wanted.

His ideas were fantastic and the consultation fee was, in our eyes, a small price compared to the value that he provided. If you have any doubts on the value of this fee for service, don’t. You will be amazed on what he delivers. By the way, the other people who supplied the free quotes spent as little time as they could with us and did not provide any ideas on the solution that we actually wanted.”

Warwick Absolon

Step 2

Masterplan Sketch Design Concept

We will now start creating your unique architectural design based on our Pre-Design Consultation. This is the stage where we put pen to paper. Sketch design provides analysis, visual explanation and your space planning, resolving how rooms and external spaces will ultimately relate to one another.

You will have a clear understanding of the physical parameters of the project through the form and detail of the concept.

We will maximise the opportunities on your site given your design requirements and explore the relationships between space, volume and the natural environment.

Our architects will conceptualise, compare and consolidate design variations to provide the best approach based on your lifestyle needs.

Holistic design incorporating buildings, interiors and landscapes will ensure a complete concept that reflects your needs.

Our architects will take into consideration council planning guidelines and any applicable building codes that may impact your project.

An indicative cost estimate will ensure an understanding of the budget requirements for all stages of your project.

You can quickly move onto our Design Development Step from this stage.

Design process

What Our Masterplan Sketch Design Service Includes

The Masterplan sketch design stage is where your dreams begin to take shape. We start by creating the initial Masterplan Sketch Design along with a detailed brief, a concept floor plan and section, project report and opinion of cost. Services included at this stage are:

Detailed Summary of Requirements

A written summary of your requirements will form your brief. Following our Pre-Design Consultation, we will value-add to your brief by identifying design solution options that capitalise on the site’s strengths and opportunities, overcome its weaknesses (e.g. poor solar access) and threats (e.g. stormwater overflow or flooding).

Your Concept Plans

Utilising the site data and your summary of requirements, our architectural team will design one or two tailored solutions for your consideration. These sketch designs are drawn by hand, focusing on the relationships between the spaces in the design, both inside and outside areas. Included with your Sketch Design Report will be your site plan, floor plan and section.

Opinion of Cost

Upon completion of the Masterplan Sketch Design, an indicative cost estimate will be supplied for your project. We engage an independent estimator or quantity surveyor (cost planner) for this indicative costing in order to ascertain if the design fits in with your proposed budget, and provide you with a breakdown of the various costs.

Collaborative Architecture

We will ensure that you are kept informed of any additional areas for consideration that may enhance your architecturally designed home.

Integrated Design

We will develop your concept including building architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture to ensure a holistically designed outcome.

Additional Services

If you are renovating, Measured Drawings will be required which we will prepare for you. A spot level and contour survey of your external grounds will also be required. We will coordinate any required sub-consultants for your convenience.

Client Testimonial

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderfully inspiring plans in regards to our family home renovation in Greenbank.

It was amazing that you provided us a design with solutions for all our wants in next to no time, while we struggled to see past the hurdles for years. We couldn’t see the solution, but you have given us a grand design that we can’t wait to live in.

Thank you and the team very much for all your ongoing professional service with our renovation design.”

Sarah & Russell Newman
Brisbane RGM Maintenance Pty Ltd

Step 3

Concept Revisions & Design Development

Taking time to understand you, your goals and listening to your feedback we will create the ultimate design. Any design revisions following Sketch Design will be made and we will focus on the form of the building. Consideration will be given to the relevant building materials and you will be provided with a 3D visual of your project.

We will further refine your chosen concept to ensure the design truly reflects your needs, taking into consideration your feedback.

We will consider each product and material to be used for construction ensuring the look and feel of the design represents your style.

Our architects will research and select products best suited to your lifestyle, making your new home design a pleasure to live in.

Holistic design considerations of building design, interior design and landscape design will ensure that the design intent is reflected throughout.

To ensure your project proceeds smoothly, our architects will follow council planning guidelines/legislation and any applicable building codes that may impact your project.

An indicative cost estimate at this stage will ensure an understanding of the budget requirements for all stages of your project.

Your next step will be Approval Applications.

Design process

What Our Design Development Service Includes

The Design Development phase provides concept revision and further detailed development of your chosen design. Services included in this stage are:

Concept Revision

Following our Sketch Design phase you will have had the time to evaluate the concepts and reflect on the solutions we provided. We will listen to what solution best suits your needs, what you like, how the project’s indicative costing fits with your budget expectations and through this collaborative process we can further develop and refine your floorplan.

Concept Design Development

At this significant stage, it is your feedback that will drive our design process forward. We will produce fully-resolved floor plans, improving on the initial concept. You will receive these floor plans, a site plan and sections, allowing you to see “inside” the home, including preliminary interior design and preliminary landscape design at 1:100 scale.

3D Visuals

We will describe the aspects of the design, providing 3D visual representations of your home. We will prepare design drawings to demonstrate what the home will look like in a photo-realistic format. This will be your first real look at how your project will appear when constructed. Section drawings will be supplied if your project is on a sloping site.

Material Selection

Materials are now researched, analysed against the scope of your design and selected. Preliminary interiors, external works and landscape design material selections and scheduling will also be provided as appropriate. You will be required to review these selections ensuring they provide the look and feel you were after.

Additional Services

We will coordinate any required sub-consultants for your convenience such as Town Planners and Engineers to ensure the design’s viability. If desired, we will arrange a detailed indicative cost estimate that will provide a breakdown of the various costs and assist with any tender process comparisons.

Client Testimonial

“With the children grown and left home, we were empty nesters with an older style, two-storey Queenslander house badly in need of updating and refurbishment. We approached Dion Seminara with the brief that we wanted a larger entertainment area situated in an outdoor-indoor room. The bathroom was in need of renovation and we would have liked to bring the laundry upstairs. Dion took our ideas and produced a concept that captured our needs and created a new internal arrangement, re-positioning the kitchen, extending our existing deck and opening up all the internal living areas to refashion the house with its existing shell. The concept was bold and innovative. The 3D designs were inspiring.

Dion and his team were excellent to work with, meeting with us on numerous occasions, both in our home and in his office, to help us work through our design. Dion was quick to respond to emails and phone calls and was ever patient with our concerns. We had never worked with an architect before this and, following this experience, we wouldn’t think of renovating or building again without one – especially one as accomplished as Dion Seminara. We cannot recommend dion seminara architecture more highly. Many thanks, Dion!”

Ian Elmer & Linda Maher
Stafford, Brisbane

Step 4

Approval Applications

This is the planning and building application process that precedes your ability to have your project constructed. Once you have confirmed the refined and developed design outcome for your project we get down to the work of preparing approval drawings to bring your design to life.

The developed design outcome will be translated into approval drawings to bring your design to life.

If town planning approval is required, pre-development application drawings will be completed and any necessary supporting commentary will be provided on your behalf.

Building application drawings include site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections and a window and door schedule that you can take to your chosen builder.

Development Approval application will be submitted to Council on your behalf through a Town Planner, depending on the Planning Legislation of your project’s location.

Building approval application drawings will be supplied to a building certifier on your behalf to ensure your project complies with the appropriate building standards.

A detailed cost estimate to keep your project on budget is recommended at this stage which can be used to compare builders’ quotes.

Minimised disruptions to your project’s timeline and minimised design revisions in approval applications due to our vast experience.

You can quickly move onto our Construction Documentation Step from this stage.

Design process

What Our Approval Applications Service Includes

This step involves the creation of architectural application documentation required for obtaining approvals for your project. Services included in this stage are:

Architectural Blueprints

A site plan, floor plans, elevations and sections will all be drawn up and a window and door schedule will also be provided.

Approval Submissions

We will anticipate the requirements for your project as they relate to both building approval and development approval. Our process ensures minimal disruption to your project’s timeline and minimises any design revisions given our thorough understanding of your project.

Pre-Development Application Drawings

A blueprint of your project’s building form will be provided as required for development approval according to your local authority. Window and door sizes, types and orientation will be documented; material selections will be detailed. We may be required to include responses relating to any environmental impacts, consideration of neighbouring properties and to attend pre-approval meetings to support the application.

Pre-Building Application Drawings Service

Detailed architectural drawings are prepared to exacting standards. These will be made available to a private building certifier for Building Approval. The drawings include a site plan, floor plans, 1:100 sections as needed, 1:100 elevations as needed and a window and door schedule.

Detailed Cost Planning

This optional cost planning service is advisable as it relates to the anticipated construction expenses for your project. As the design phase has been completed and your project’s concept is firmly locked down, this cost estimate provides an indication of the financial parameters of the project to ensure construction can be completed.

Optional Interior and Landscape Design

We also provide an opportunity for you to engage with our interior designer and landscape designer should you wish to include preliminary interior design & landscape external works design (as applicable to your project). This is when our interior and landscape designers collaborate with our architects to ensure an integrated design that reflects your lifestyle needs – both inside and out.

Client Testimonial

“Everyone in the neighbourhood has followed the progress and says the addition compliments the area. Recently a passer-by said “the deck is great, it looks as if it has always been there”. Wonderful praise for Dion’s work. The kitchen is now contemporary and functional and conveniently located to our outdoor living area.

Any problems with approvals, permits and Council standards were handled promptly and efficiently by Dion and his staff. We now have a wonderful kitchen and deck to enjoy and are thrilled with both spaces. Thank you, Dion.”

Kerry and Sharon Gallagher
Auchenflower, Brisbane

Step 5

Construction Documentation

(Detailed design contract documents stage)

Construction Documentation is the phase in which the architect provides a set of blueprints for construction.

Explains to the builder the quality of inclusions, finishes and work required to build your project.

Detailed project specifications ensure the project's construction aligns with the design intent.

Takes the guesswork out of building so that the process is as easy and mistake-free as possible.

Accuracy and construction detailing results in a very low building cost variation

We will manage and coordinate all sub-consultants, working closely to ensure your project objectives are clearly identified and effective communication channels provide for accurate documentation.

You can quickly move onto our Tender and Contract Administration Step from this stage.

Design process

What Our Construction Documentation Service Includes

At dion seminara architecture we pride ourselves on the amount of detail that we include in our drawings which ultimately helps to reduce mistakes and make your project easier to build. This work includes:

Working Drawings

Additional notations on approval drawings facilitate the transfer of design intent from the architect to the builder. Construction documentation includes additional notations on the site plan, floor plans, 1:100 sections and 1:100 elevations as needed, along with the window and door schedule, roof plan and reflected ceiling plan. 1:20 wall sections and particular non-standard details 1:10 and 1:5.

Detailed Documentation

This is the final stage in your design process prior to engaging a builder. Detailed documentation and written specification documents for construction of your project inform the builder how to construct the project to the desired quality and form part of your contract with the builder.

Project Specification

Schedules, technicalities and product specifications define the quality of materials and finishes ensuring construction corresponds to the design philosophy. Depending on the scale of your project a mini-specification or full specification will be provided.

Additional Services

We will coordinate structural engineering design requirements to provide construction engineering documents for the build. We also consult with hydraulic engineers, civil engineers, water and waste management specialists and others depending on your project needs.

Detailed Cost Planning

This optional cost planning service is advisable as it relates to the anticipated construction expenses for your project. As the design phase has been completed and your project’s concept is firmly locked down, this cost estimate provides an indication of the financial parameters of the project to ensure construction can be completed.

Optional Interior and Landscape Design

Optional interior and landscape design documentation services are also available at this stage. For larger projects, external works and floor finishes layouts will be provided.

Client Testimonial

“Dion Seminara completed a major renovation design for our home in Hawthorne, co-ordinating work from design concept, through to the contract documentation stage. We worked with Dion for almost twelve months on this project.

We originally chose Dion because of the design work he had done on several houses in our local area, including his own. We felt they were outstanding, that he had created a beautiful synergy between the traditional Queensland and a more modern approach, which still took advantage of Queensland conditions.

We had originally been against using an architect, mainly because of the cost involved. However, after discussing our project with a range of other building professionals, like project home companies and builders using their own draftspeople, we realised that Dion was the only person who had the creativity to make our house look the way we wanted it to and that was worth the expense.

At the end of the project, we are confident that our decision to engage Dion was the right one. He is a good listener, and quickly understood the way in which our renovation needed to reflect our lifestyle. He has come up with a design with which we are delighted. It is creative, but it is also extremely functional. We feel it is also as economical as it could be. Dion has used his own building experience to advise us on the most cost-effective choices at every point.

Dion is a meticulous and totally professional person to work with. He is always prompt, and always does what he promises to do. We absolutely trust his design skills, his experience and his dedication to his work.

We are very happy to discuss Dion’s work with any potential clients in the future.”

Di Farmer & Ian Collier
Hawthorne, Brisbane

Step 6

Tender & Contract Administration

Following construction documentation, our tender and contract negotiation process will aid the selection of your project’s builder. Contract Administration sees us project manage the construction phase, ensuring the project’s completion under the terms of the contract, preserving the design intent and aesthetics.

This service will select an appropriate panel of builders that are qualified to meet the construction parameters of your project.

Competitive quotations will be requested from the qualified panel of builders to ensure you receive the best price.

We will negotiate with these builders on your behalf to ensure the best terms and pricing is reflected in their quotations.

We will prepare a tender report comparing the competitive quotes with a detailed cost estimate (prepared earlier) and submit these to you.

Once you have selected your builder we will prepare contracts and arrange for signing and execution at our office.

You can engage us for Stage 2, Contract Administration, for Building Project Management.

This is the stage where we really make life easier for you. Finding, negotiating and liaising with builders can be stressful. As part of this service we:

  • Arrange for tenders from suitably qualified builders
  • Negotiate with builders on your behalf to get the best terms and pricing
  • Help you assess each tender and award the project to the winning builder
  • Prepare a contract on your behalf
  • Arrange for signing and execution of contracts by all parties.

EXAMPLE: Renovation Project Tender from Real Tender Results:

  • Builder 1: $388,756.00
  • Builder 2: $376,456.82
  • Builder 3: $344,820.00

This is where we act on your behalf to ensure that the project is completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. As part of this service we:

  • Visit the construction site periodically to ensure correct material selection, design integrity and quality of work
  • Report back to you regarding progress and standard of work
  • Answer any questions or address any concerns you, the builder, or any specialist consultants have, or assess construction progress and issue progress certificates
  • Release progress payments upon satisfactory completion of stages
  • Liaise with the builder on your behalf on such things as variations, delays, material unavailability, etc.
  • Assess and report back to you regarding any requests by the builder for variations or time extensions
  • Make any required adjustments to monetary sums such as prime costs and provisional sums
  • Notify all parties regarding any defective or incomplete work
  • Assess practical completion and issue notice of practical completion
  • Carry out defect inspections.
Design process

What Our Tender & Contract Administration Service Includes

At dion seminara architecture we pride ourselves on the amount of detail that we include in our drawings which ultimately helps to reduce mistakes and make your project easier to build. This work includes:

Tender Process & Negotiation

We will initiate a competitive tender process with a panel of reputable builders who are suitably qualified for a custom build and can construct your project following your desired timeline. We will negotiate with these builders on your behalf to ensure their quotations reflect the best terms and pricing for your project.

Tender Report & Selection of Builder

We will provide you with a Tender report presenting a thorough analysis of the builders’ quotations. Our Tender report will provide valuable information to assist you in selecting the builder most suited to your project, taking into consideration your budget, building timeframe and the quality of work.

Contract Administration

If you engage us for Contract Administration, once you have selected your builder, contracts will be prepared on your behalf. These contracts protect your interests as they contain clauses that provide security to you, the owner, during the building process. We will arrange for the contracts to be signed and executed by all parties.

Building Project Management

This is the second stage of Contract Administration where we act on your behalf to ensure your project is completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. We will conduct site visits to ensure correct material selection, design integrity and quality of work is maintained, reporting back to you as required.

Construction Progress

We liaise with the builder on your behalf regarding variations, delays and material availability, answering any questions or addressing any concerns you, the builder or any specialist consultants have. We assess and report back to you regarding any requests, variations or time extensions. At every stage we protect your interests by assessing construction progress, issuing progress certificates and releasing progress payments upon satisfactory completion of each stage.

Practical Completion

We will assess the practical completion of your project and issue such notice to both you and the builder. We notify all parties regarding any defective or incomplete work and carry out defect inspections. Final inspections three, six or twelve months after the practical completion date will be initiated as we ensure any warranty work is carried out within the warranty period, offering you complete peace of mind.

Client Testimonial

“We are now at the end of the major structural build which we are very happy with. We thought we could do this on our own but there’s no doubt that Dion’s assistance was well worth every cent. Dion recommended we source a hands-on builder for the project which we did and the builder was able to undertake the project without any difficulty and found the plans very detailed and easy to understand.

The budget which Dion had estimated came in as predicted therefore we have had no additional costs regarding the first phase of the project. There is still some work to be done on the second phase which will be tackled in the near future, but without Dion’s vision we would not have got this far. Thank you, Dion, for all your assistance.”

Sheila & Terry Harmes
Coorparoo, Brisbane

Optional services

Important Extras

One of the big advantages we offer to our clients is an all-encompassing design service beyond simple architecture. It is important that all aspects of a project complement each other.

Interior design will complement the overall design aesthetic of your project and can be selected across your entire project or for individual areas.

Landscape design comprises both hardscape and softscape elements and provides a holistic exterior view, enhancing your outdoor environment.

External works design will present an integrated appearance across your permanent landscape features such as fences, gatehouses and poolside gazebos

Softscape garden landscaping will ensure your garden and yard areas complement the design of your new home or renovation.

Blending all parts of your home seamlessly, interior and landscape design unite the architectural experience of your project

You can add our Interior Design or Landscape Design service to either the Concept to Plans (B.1) or the Concept to Keys (C.1) packages.

This service can include interior design selections, scheduling and construction drawings for the following areas:

  • Electrical layout
  • Lighting schemes and colour schemes for both interior and exterior zones
  • Storage needs evaluation and solutions
  • Living areas
  • Kitchen design
  • Bathroom, ensuites & laundry design
  • Media rooms, studies, bars, cellars, rumpus rooms
  • Entertainment units, wardrobes, custom built-in shelving units and bookcases, hallway design and staircases
  • Cabinet work design, layout and detailing
  • Floor, walls and ceiling finishes.

This service can provide Landscape Design and External Works design for your project to enhance your external living zones and garden spaces. Landscape Design encompasses both hardscape and softscape components.

Hardscape and External Works design are permanent features of the landscape. This service can include landscape design selections and scheduling for the following areas:

  • Retaining walls and front fences
  • Gatehouses, paths and driveways
  • Pool and poolside gazebos
  • Water features and external entertaining spaces.

Softscape design concerns the live horticultural elements of the landscape. This service can include:

  • Garden plant and tree selection
  • Planting placement
  • Turf choices
  • Sand, soil and mulch colour selection to complement the home’s exterior

Interior Design

Creating harmonious and functional living environments is our passion, and as specialist interior architects, our creativity can enhance the interior of your home.

Beautifying the interior areas, customising these to your distinct style and creating aesthetically pleasing and practical spaces – interior architects will enhance your lifestyle through intuitive design.


Landscape and External Works Design

External areas that connect with the rest of your home are vitally important. Landscaping and external works to complement your architectural building work will provide an integrated, connected result throughout.

Client Testimonial

“We just wanted to send you a note to say thanks for the impressive job you did with our renovations. We entrusted our dream home to you and we were not disappointed with the finished result. We thought we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted our home to feature and its layout but after a couple of meetings with you, you were able to improve on what we thought we could achieve. The ideas you presented to us will increase the joy we will get from our home for years to come.

My work took us interstate just before construction was due to commence so we not only have you to thank for the design of our home but also for managing the construction work. The builders you found for us and that we subsequently used were incredible. The amount of detail that you supplied the builders ensured there were no nasty surprises for us or them. We are very happy with the quality of workmanship the builders displayed and also the quality of the fittings you specified – they really add to the look and feel of the house.

We also need to thank Leesa (Leesa Seminara Garden Design, associated partner business) for her garden design. We thought about leaving the garden until later but we are so glad we didn’t. The street appeal is enhanced by the new fence and plants and the plants around the pool make it look like a tropical resort. We have lawn for the dogs and kids to play on but we also have the right plants around the house to add to its appeal and we don’t need a degree in horticulture to look after them.

We would be more than happy to talk about the positive experiences we have had working with you to any of your potential clients.”

Donna and Michael Cant
Hawthorne, Brisbane

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