Design “Ideas” Advice Service

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Design “Ideas” Advice Service

Residential architecture can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! Our Design “Ideas” Advice Service was created to help you understand your options, and suggest new ideas you may not have thought of.

This service is a great way to experience working with an architect, and offers a lower commitment option for deciding if our services are right for you!

Step 1 – Service Option 1

Design “Ideas” Advice Service

At dion seminara architecture we have perfected a process of architectural services to guide you step by step through your renovation project, custom new home project, or your boutique end-user commercial and/or multi-residential building. We can be there every step of the way to ensure that your finished project achieves the best result possible!

Just as a medical professional wouldn’t perform an operation on a patient without a proper diagnosis; our Design “Ideas” Advice Service works in the same way. Our Design “Ideas” Advice Service is the first step in our design process – in this step we investigate your specific project needs and consider design solutions which cater for current and future lifestyle choices.

The reason we always begin our architectural design process with a low commitment consultation (Design “Ideas” Advice Service or Pre-Purchase Design Advice) is to ensure that your project reaches it’s clear potential, as a result of a solid foundation, and a brief based on a thorough analysis of your lifestyle needs.

When considering renovating or building, our orally presented Design “Ideas” Advice Service with dion seminara architecture is the first step. Here is why you should seriously be considering this service:

  • To orally receive a registered architect’s opinion on the feasibility of the project. Dion Seminara has 30 years of experience in architecture, and so, he will know the feasibility of your ideas.
  • To discuss room details, sizes, orientation etc.
  • To discuss the indoor outdoor connection and possible external works and landscape design
  • To discuss potential solutions at a high-level that encourages on-going testing of ideas – “Design Thinking”
  • To discuss the ‘look and feel’ of potential schemes with an architect
  • To discuss the functional viability of the project and your ideas
  • To discuss the planning and legal viability of your ideas, as well as any building regulation requirements
  • To orally get an idea of building costs and budgetary needs

Please note during this orally presented design advice presentation you will not receive any rough site sketches or other drawings, for this we recommend you to upgrade to our Silver Masterplan Concept Service.

Client Testimonial


“Dion’s advice, input and experience was invaluable. Prior to our meeting, Dion spent time on the phone with me and a we completed a questionnaire so he could thoroughly understand our needs both now and into the future. Dion then spent 2 hours with us at the property. He provided great advice about the options and possibilities with the house, taking into consideration the block and aspect, our lifestyle and budget. I also called Dion a couple of times after our meeting, and he was again generous with practical, detailed info and suggestions. I’d be happy to engage Dion again. It was time and money very well spent.”

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Design “Ideas” Advice Service Benefits

  • Our design advice consultations are conducted within your home or on your block of land (or at your proposed home or block of land).
  • During these services, you will receive professional, qualified guidance
  • You will benefit from over 30 years of design and project management experience in residential design, lifestyle design, construction, planning and project management.
  • When you move to the next stage, you will have the choice of three different design packages.
  • This initial low commitment consultation begins the strategy to precisely understand your project’s requirements, so that we can provide you with our findings, recommendations, and an idea of how to move forward with a timeline and budget.
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Design “Ideas” Advice Service
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Ask the Architect

If you have any questions about our services or find yourself looking for more information about how dion seminara architecture can help your project, we would love to hear from you.

On this phone call you’ll have an opportunity to speak to our team of design experts about:

  • Give us an overview of your project.
  • Ask questions about the build/renovation process.
  • Learn how you will benefit from the best design, quality build, and outcome for your lifestyle.
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