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Home renovations are about ultimately enhancing your lifestyle through improving spaces that do not work for you. They are also opportunities to build the home you’ve always wanted. Our renovation architect has over 30 years of experience and is eager to help you transform your space into something that is both breathtaking and fully functional.

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Whether you need a minor refurbishment or a major overhaul, dion seminara architecture will design an exquisite renovation plan for you. Rest assured, your home will be perfectly tailored to suit your needs. Whats more, our experienced architects will work hard with your vision to design solutions to problems you may never even have thought of. We love working on Brisbane renovations and when you work with us, you will get an architecturally designed home that changes the way you live.

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Our Renovation Expertise

We specialise in renovating a number of different styles and types of homes. Examples on renovation work we can assist you in includes:

Types of Renovations:

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Our focus is on YOU

Our Renovation Designs Focus on You and Your Family

Although we have a wealth of experience renovating many different styles of homes, our biggest specialty is designing homes specific to you and your lifestyle. Our residential Brisbane architects and interior designers have years of training and practical expertise. This means that we know how important it is to prioritise your family’s comfort, lifestyle, and enjoyment in our designs. To make sure we achieve exactly that, we’ll always consider 3 key things while planning renovations for your home:


Great Design is Woven
into Every Project

It is important that any renovation design considers the existing styling of the home. This means that we will consider all the parts of the home that you love and all those things that you want to change. What’s more, this information will be integrated meticulously to create an aesthetic that suits your budget and lifestyle needs. At dion seminara architecture we understand that the perfect home renovation can sometimes be achieved through carefully planned refinement rather than a complete overhaul.


The Needs of the Customer
are Always at the Forefront

Your home should be your sanctuary. A place where you can escape the outside world and live the life that you choose to live in private. This is why our designs will always take your personal privacy needs into account. We know exactly how to cater to your privacy needs while still taking advantage of the views your home has to offer. You can, therefore, rest assured that we will give your property a stunning outlook that captures the beauty of your surroundings.


Our Clients Bring the Need,
We Bring the Know-How

Your home renewal will achieve and even exceed your expectations. We will get to know your desires and objectives in detail before crafting a custom design that perfectly suits your needs. Our renovation architects are experts at creating dream renovations within a budget. This means that each aspect of your renovation will be meticulously planned to ensure that it works within the existing home and achieves your project goals.

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Our Renovation Services

Your Lifestyle Benefits

  • You will benefit from over 30 years of design and project management experience in residential design, lifestyle design, construction, planning and project management.
  • Our architects will create accessible and functional residential designs, designed for a range of high level needs and functions without the compromise of stunning design
  • When you work with our architectural custom home designer team, our focus will always be on you
  • Our relationship with you is the key to project success, and we ensure consultation and input is gathered at each step.
  • Our designs will aim to improve the livability and lifestyle of yourself or other individuals living within the home
Working with dion seminara architecture

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With years of training and practical expertise, we always prioritise your family’s comfort, lifestyle, and enjoyment above everything.


Function and Style

As professional architects we know the best ways to enhance your home’s look, flow and function. We do this by carefully considering the engineering, function, and aesthetics of your home. We will highlight changes that may not seem as apparent or obvious to you but will have a major impact on the enjoyment, your overall lifestyle and aesthetics of the home.


Increase Value

Architecturally renovated homes stand the test of time and they can increase your home’s value on the market significantly. A successful home renovation can, therefore, increase your total assets and put you in a better market position if you decide to sell your property at a later stage. It’s an investment opportunity that can pay off now and in the future.


Professional Guidance

Home renovations require compliance with town planning requirements and building approvals. Not to mention negotiations with builders, plumbers, electricians and your surrounding neighbours. Our renovation architects are experts and can guide you through all these steps so that you can save time and money throughout your home renovations.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your 7+ Year Home

It can be overwhelming to know when and how to start your next renovation project. Download and read this free guide before you begin so that you can know which mistakes to avoid. This guide:

  • Provides you with an easy way to start your renovation project.
  • Highlights what you need to research about your home before you start pulling it apart.
  • And outlines exactly what is involved in a renovation so that you can fully understand the process before you begin.

Trust us, you won’t regret reading it.

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