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Modern Home Designs

Our architects create memorable contemporary home designs for your lifestyle needs.

Styles and lifestyle trends

Why Consider Contemporary Design?

Dion Seminara and his team of architects specialise in contemporary home projects to create stunning designs both in the latest in vogue styles and unique or abstract styles that bring imagination to life.

Many different trends and features influence current modern residential architecture. For example:

  • there is the growing demand for low-maintenance, generously-sized homes on smaller lots;
  • the continued desire for indoor-outdoor living and dining;
  • diversification of needs due to varied family types;
  • growth in environmentally friendly and sustainable homes;
  • a greater emphasis on natural light and views;
  • and new building materials, systems and techniques allowing greater flexibility and creativity in house design options.

If you are considering contemporary house design, the talented architects at dion seminara architecture will create a sophisticated home that addresses all your lifestyle needs. If you’re looking for useful guides, download How To Engage An Architect or the Project Planning Pack using the links below. How To Engage An Architect was designed to help you choose the right architect for your project, while the Project Planning Pack is the ultimate guide to planning your custom new home build or contemporary renovation.

Contemporary Architectural Services
Smaller residential blocks

Substantial Modern Home Options

One of the latest trends in modern residential architecture is substantially-sized houses on smaller blocks of land. If this is the type of home you are seeking, then we can design a modern home for you that maximises the landholding, yet provides privacy, heaps of natural light, plenty of storage and the all-important relaxing indoor-outdoor flow and feel. Our modern home architects use an inclusive process that draws in your lifestyle needs and tastes, and in working in close proximity and listening not telling, we experience far more beneficial creations of modern home results that will last you a lifetime.


Designing For Modern Needs

A skilled modern architect will design a contemporary house which includes ample use of glass, sophisticated use of natural light, designed to take advantage of views and the shape of your block, as well as the lay of the land. Considering function and lifestyle instead of pure looks will allow us to create chic modern homes that are much more pleasurable to live in. A talented contemporary architect can provide you with such a home and yet also ensure that the home is environmentally friendly, not only saving on ongoing costs but lasting a lifetime. This includes such things such as designing for the prevailing breezes, utilising optimal building materials, the orientation of the home, the positioning of utility rooms and the direction and height of awnings etc.

Contemporary Architectural Services
Contemporary Architectural Services

Contemporary home architects will design stylish modern homes for your needs, not just for now but for the future. With changing family compositions and needs, new modern homes now need to be flexible for returning family members, caring for the aged and also providing for different uses such as home offices, music and media rooms.

We can successfully provide for future needs by suggesting options such as:

  • an expanse of sliding or bi-fold doors which can divide or open up areas;
  • the addition of an attached or detached ‘granny flat’ or similar space which can be utilised for many different uses;
  • and the inclusion of two or more separate entrances and the provision of discrete private outside areas.

At dion seminara architecture our contemporary house architects often design ultra modern homes for staged developments as well such that future extensions flow with the original house and are not tacked on as is so often the case.

Building Materials

Modern Approaches to materials and aesthetics

While brick homes are still very much favoured, and for a good reason, there is also an abundance of other building materials that can truly create an outstanding contemporary home. Our architects keep abreast of changing building materials, techniques and systems so you can be assured all the different material options available are considered. We will also advise you on what materials we believe to be the best options for your new contemporary home. Our contemporary house architects have designed exceptional modern homes in various types of building materials including (and not limited to) brick, steel, composite materials, a variety of cladding products and of course different types of timber.

Modern designs now often combine a variety of different building materials creating unique and extraordinary homes but also for some very practical reasons as well.

Contemporary Architectural Services
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