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Ready-To-Go Plans for Your Residential Project

Our Pre-Designed structures take architectural designs from past clients projects and clients concepts, and provides them to future clients.  All of these Ready-To-Go design plans have been lived in and loved by our past clients, and are proven to enhance home livability and lifestyle. Whether you are expanding or starting from scratch we have a design for you that will work great with your residential project, and is Ready-To-Go!

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Ready-To-Go Plans

What is Pre-Designed?

Our Pre-Designed structures are now available for purchase as Ready-To-Go plans which can be integrated  into your new home or renovation. The design plans range from outdoor entertainment areas, pavilions & linked additions, sloping site homes and granny flats. Whatever your building or renovation needs are we have a Ready-To-Go plan that you will love and work great with your project.

Ready-To-Go Plans

Entertainment Areas

Ready-To-Go Plans

Flood Proof &
Resilient Designs

award winning flood design
Ready-To-Go Plans

& Linked Additions

pre designed home and pool
Ready-To-Go Plans

Pre-Designed Packages

We have formulated different Pre-Designed packages to cater towards different budgetary and project needs. These Ready-To-Go packages range from standard set of approval application ready documents for your chosen design, to architectural and interior construction documents ready to build. Our Ready-To-Go packages have been formulated with care and aim to enhance our clients ease of use.


Core Package

If you are only searching for a set of approval application ready documents for your chosen design, our Core Package is for you. Providing you a set of approval application design documents which could be used by you as owner builder or your external builder.


Classic Package

Our Classic Package is perfect for those looking for beautiful and functional finishes to their design plans. A set of approval application ready documents as well as the architectural and interior construction documents are all included ready to go.


Optional Add Ons

We have formulated a list of additional service options you may wish to incorporate into your design package. These additions range from variations to your core and classic packages, to offering our full ‘Turn Key’ concept to completion option.

3 Essential Steps of Pre-Designed

Our Ready-To-Go structures have an essential 3 step process

Onsite Consultation

Orally presented advice service to assess the needs and options of the design plan for your property


Site & Location

Site and location plan with any optional services you want us to provide


Get it Built

You can submit your plans to your builder or yourself as owner builder, to get construction on its way

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If our Pre-Designed structures do not work for you, ask about our tailored design services

If you have questions about our tailored design services or looking for more information about what dion seminara architecture can offer you, we would love to hear from you. Simply call us and learn how you can benefit from the best design quality in Brisbane.

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