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Renovating Queenslander Style Homes Since 1993

dion seminara architecture has a proud history of transforming Queenslander-style homes across the state. Although these magnificent properties represent quintessential Australian living, many need restoration and modernisation.

As experienced Queenslander architects, this gallery showcases the diversity of our architectural designs and the level of innovation we will bring to your project.

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Traditional beauty

Queenslander Architecture & Renovations

Queensland architecture is exemplified by charming “Queenslander” type homes that are found throughout the state. Although these homes were built during the 1920s and 1930s, they are greatly treasured today for their traditional beauty and homage to a bye-gone era. These quaint properties have a range of charming features, such as:

  • deep, wide verandahs
  • high ornate ceilings
  • heritage detailing
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The Architect Difference

There are many reasons why you may want to renovate, restore, or extend your magnificent Queenslander. Whatever the reason, remodelling your Queenslander will undoubtedly enhance your lifestyle in countless ways. What’s more, the improved aesthetic of a restored property will also benefit the surrounding neighbourhood.

Queenslander renovations require a residential architect who is familiar with the intricacies, heritage, and building design of these beautiful old gems. It is, therefore, important that you trust your plan to a passionate and experienced architect. That is to say, an architect who can truly complement your lifestyle through the renovation of your home.

Queenslander Renovation

Before and After

Queenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation ArchitectsQueenslander Renovation Architects
Queensland architectural design

Enhancing the Beauty

As with many of our clients, you may also feel the size of your home is too small to accommodate your lifestyle. There are, however, a multitude of solutions to this problem, for example:

Our residential architects are highly experienced with Queenslander expansion projects and will help guide you through this process with intuition, sophistication, and an eye for conserving the traditional elements of the home.

What’s more, we understand all the regulations regarding character homes and have an intricate knowledge of their building materials and space/design. In other words, you will reap all the benefits of our experience.

To find out how you can make the best decisions regarding your Queenslander renovation, connect with us. We will have you on the starting blocks of your renovation and restoration journey in no time.

Queenslander Renovation Architects
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Your Queenslander

Restoring the Glory

It takes an intuitive eye and expertise to restore the former glory of a magnificent Queenslander property while simultaneously embracing amenities of our modern lifestyle.

Lucky for you, our architects know exactly how to strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional living elements in our designs. That is to say, we will tastefully complement all the visible features of your Queenslander with today’s must-have inclusions. These include open-plan living areas, well-connected kitchens, and a blurring of the divide between indoor and outdoor living.

Your Queenslander

Queenslander Transformation

Unfortunately, renovations to Queenslanders over the years have typically resulted in a loss of eco-friendly features, closed-in spaces, and impractical functionality. Deep, wide verandahs are often closed in to create strange additional bedrooms with two separate entryways. Amenities within the home are also often disjointed. In reality, these ‘quick fixes’ are poorly planned and only create dysfunctional living spaces in the home. With the aid of an intuitive architect, on the other hand, you can significantly redefine and transform the space available within your old home.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating

It can be overwhelming to know when and how to start your next renovation project. Download and read this free guide before you begin so that you can know which mistakes to avoid. This guide:

  • Provides you with an easy way to start your renovation project.
  • Highlights what you need to research about your home before you start pulling it apart.
  • And outlines exactly what is involved in a renovation so that you can fully understand the process before you begin.

Trust us, you won’t regret reading it.

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Queenslander Renovation Architects
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