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Renovating Queenslander Style Homes Since 1993

dion seminara architecture has a proud history of transforming these wonderful homes across Queensland. Our gallery of renovated and extended homes from this era provide a showcase of the diversity of architectural design that we can offer to your project.

Traditional beauty

Queenslander Renovations & Architecture

Queensland architecture is exemplified by the term “Queenslander” as a description of homes built during the 1920s and 1930s throughout the state. These homes are greatly treasured today for their traditional beauty and homage to a bye-gone era. Visible features evident in these homes include:

  • deep, wide verandahs,
  • high ornate ceilings, and
  • heritage detailing.

Restoring, renovating or extending these magnificent homes will enhance your lifestyle and the aesthetics of a restored property benefits the surrounding neighbourhood.

Queensland architectural design

Enhancing The Beauty

When considering your renovation options it may become apparent that the size of your home is insufficient for your lifestyle requirements.

  • Extending or raising the home may provide a solution to your changing lifestyle needs.
  • The addition of a contemporary extension may provide an alternate solution for your family.
  • Blending the old with the new, our architects have the experience to guide you with intuition, sophistication, and eye to being sympathetic to the tradition of the home.

Familiarity with the regulations regarding character homes and an intricate understanding of building materials and space/design options will enable your renovation or extension to benefit from our years of experience.

Understanding the lifestyle features you need within your traditional Queenslander will have you on the starting blocks of your renovation and restoration journey.

To find out how you can ensure you are making the best decision when it comes to your Queenslander renovations, connect with the acclaimed Architects at dion seminara architecture to find out more about your options.

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The Architect Difference

Queenslander renovations require an architect who is familiar with the intricacies, heritage and building design of these magnificent old gems. When investigating your options for your Queenslander, ensure you trust your plan to a passionate, experienced architect who can provide a blueprint for your lifestyle through the renovation of your home.

Your Queenslander

Restoring The Glory

Restoring the former glory of your magnificent home while embracing the amenities of our modern lifestyle takes an intuitive eye and a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

We can redesign your home around your lifestyle needs – Complementing the visible features of your Queenslander with today’s must-have inclusions of things like plan design, kitchens that are well connected and blurring the effects of the divide between indoor and outdoor living.

Renovations to Queenslanders over the years has resulted in a loss of eco-friendly features, closed in spaces and impractical functionality. Deep, wide verandahs closed in, the sleep out might be a strange additional bedroom with two separate entryways, and amenities within the home may be disjointed – resulting in a home that is a dysfunctional place to live.

With the aid of an intuitive architect, you can redefine the space available within your old home.

Still want more information? Read this Queensland Homes article “A Renovator’s Guide to the Queenslander”

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