Workers Cottage Renovations Brisbane 1900-1930’s

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Workers Cottage Renovation Design Services

A workers cottage renovation can produce a number of incredible properties. Firstly, it could be modernised into a contemporary home. Secondly, it could be restored and remodelled to retain its cottage character. And lastly, it could be upgraded with an ultra-modern rear extension.

Architectural design

Worker’s Cottage Renovations

Dion and his team have tremendous experience in architecturally designed worker’s cottage renovations. That is to say, our experts will work hard to create a design that will incorporate all your lifestyle needs and highlight the best features of your home and block of land. Although larger plots have the potential to host extravagant renovations, our architects are astute and highly creative. This means that they are up to any challenge and will breathe new life into even the smallest of properties.

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Dion seminara architecture Brisbane have created some wonderful renovation designs for worker’s cottages of all types and styles throughout Queensland. Among others, this also includes designs for the popular Bungalow style homes of the early 1900’s. These weatherboard and timber homes lend themselves to many different types of renovation options. While some have a traditional style that is worth preserving, others have little character and can completely be transformed.

At dion seminara architecture we are experts at house extensions and renovations. Whether you are looking to blend our upgrades seamlessly into the original charming style of your cottage, or you would like to elevate its aesthetic with modern features and contemporary accents, we will make it happen. Simply contact Dion Seminara in Brisbane on (07) 3899 9450. For your interest, click here to read more about the nature of worker’s cottages in Australia during the 1990’s to 1930’s.

Workers Cottage Renovations

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