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Bulimba Contemporary Home Renovation

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Bulimba Contemporary Home Renovation

Our client’s brief was for a contemporary flood-proof Queenslander consisting of 4 bedrooms. The main bedroom needed a walk-in robe, ensuite and separate office space. Additionally, the home required a deck at the rear of the home with a large open area under the house complete with a workshop. Sufficient parking for 2 cars was also a core requirement given the area.

The clients loved the high ceilings of their Bulimba Queenslander. However, the narrowness of the home would create an imbalance when the house was raised. The solution was to increase the width of the home. Particularly as we were elevating the ground floor.

Project details

Enhancements To The Streetscape

The front facade treatment includes different roof lines at differing heights to complement the enhanced width of the overall design. As the traditional Queenslander’s front verandah offers some protection from the west, it was incorporated into the design.

Inclusions like fencing and landscaping were essential elements to improve the balance and proportion of the renovated home. Incorporating a gatehouse provides a clear point of entry and adds another layer of interest to the home. We created a new entry path down one side of the home which connected to a new front door. The path links via the new entry into the new living areas.


New Additions

The existing home will be raised to a height above the required defined floor level. We incorporated the double garage, workshop and storage into this level. In addition, towards the back of this zone, there will be the laundry, WC with basin and playroom/ entertainment room and internal stairs.

A new entry and open plan living, dining, kitchen and butler’s pantry were designed. The clients were not after a very large home. In order to avoid the larger expansion of the home into the backyard, the dining space was designed as an indoor/ outdoor space. The new addition incorporates ceiling heights of 1.5 storeys to replicate the Queenslander feel. We kept the home as low to the ground as possible, which created a connection to the outdoor space and the backyard.

Environmental savings

Renovated Space

We designed the 4 bedrooms, main bathroom, ensuite, robe and large linen closet for the family on the first floor. The design positioned the main bedroom’s location on the north-east to capture the breezes and natural light. Accommodating the private living areas upstairs allows the family to enjoy their time socialising in the newly created extension without disturbing others’ privacy.

The home required heavy insulation to block out the harsh western heat, with external and internal walls and roof cavities insulated. The design also included sunshades and sunscreens particular on the western and eastern faces. New louvre or casement windows on the north and east maximise ventilation, with UV treatment to minimise heat gain within the summer months.

All of our designs focus on creating efficient and practical spaces. If you are wanting to renovate and are looking for Architects familiar with Queenslanders and the Bulimba area, please look at our gallery of completed projects and contact us when you are ready.

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