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Morningside Home Renovation

Contemporary extension

Morningside Renovation

This Morningside renovation included a contemporary extension at the rear of the home, enabling our clients to have the perfect indoor/outdoor living space.

Under the existing house a new double car garage was included, requiring excavation and re-stumping, inclusive of retaining walls and storage areas. A new link in the form of a gate and stairs would bring you out at the path on the eastern side of the Morningside renovation property and up to the link that leads to the new living/entertaining pavilion.

Project details

Existing House Renovations

The reconfigured upstairs plan of this Morningside renovation reuses the space occupied by the existing bathroom and converts it into a generous ensuite and wardrobe including double basins, separate WC, and generous shower. The pre-existing study area will be converted into a new bathroom area with a separate toilet, WC, and shower. A new guest bedroom would replace the current kitchen, and the existing dining and living spaces have been reconfigured as a study and bedroom. The study gains a north east aspect, and the proposed configuration sees the spaces as flexible in arrangement for current and future owners.

The study bedroom arrangement utilises large sliding doors that open the spaces up to the existing hall. The library’s niche positioned on the opposite wall and large sliding doors at the rear will open up the rear of the existing house making for an inviting entrance leading to the new living entertaining/living pavilion at the rear.

Architectural design

New Living/Entertaining Pavilion

The Morningside renovation pavilion is entered through the end of the main hallway as you pass through the existing house. The services zones are located down the western side of the building with an optional laundry discreetly hidden behind the western wall including a drying terrace. The kitchen occupies the remainder of the western side with the dining living areas opening out to the north east. Large stacker doors disappear when opened to give the space an indoor outdoor feel.

A small post assists with the sensation of the roof floating over within the space when the doors are open. High level windows will provide additional natural light and ventilation. An optional screen could be removed depending on the furniture layout within the space. A built-in seat and external terrace will lead to the back yard and compliment the interior spaces.

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Project Number: 130602

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