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Kedron Workers Cottage Renovation


Kedron Workers Cottage Renovation

A new two storey addition and significant improvements to the existing cottage were designed in this Kedron Workers Cottage renovation. All the new additions will blend with the existing house in a funky contemporary format. The home’s pedestrian entry will be improved with the incorporation of a gate house structure to define this important entrance. A new fence with contemporary overtones but with the style and grace to match the workers cottage will also have landscaping to soften the fence and the house both inside and outside of this structure.

Once the house is raised the area under the front verandah will remain open to the street with a batten valance added to the underside of the verandah floor to enhance the workers cottage feel. A combination of weatherboard cladding and alternative sheet material cladding will be used to blend the workers cottage character home with the contemporary forms at the rear of the property.

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A new internal stair will take up the southern section of the deck and will rise up to the new second level and descend down to the new ground floor. The stair itself up to the second level will be light and airy with open risers and obscure glass wall to the south and potential louvres and screens to the north. A new deck will be established under the new second level. A secondary paved concrete bridge paralleling the southern boundary will be designed to link through to the pool area.

The backyard would be levelled so that we can have a continuous stair running along two sides of the deck. This would be of two risers in height so that no balustrade is needed to the deck and therefore the deck in combination with the turfed backyard will feel like one large space. New planting along the boundaries will soften these edges.

The second floor of the new addition will include a new main bedroom suite with large louvres windows to the north and some to the east to capture the pool and any views to the north. Some external operable screening will be included on the east to reduce the impact of the morning sun. A new ground floor habitable space under the existing house will include a new garage space, storage space new bedroom, new bathroom and new laundry area to be created.

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