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Graceville Queenslander Renovation


Graceville Queenslander Renovation

This Graceville Queenslander renovation design focuses on improving the overall flow throughout the home, the streetscape and outdoor entertaining areas. Enhancements to the pedestrian entry will be undertaken to define this entry point, with the inclusion of a gate house structure and a concrete path through to the front stair. Trees in close proximity to the house are to be removed with additional planting to be introduced to shade the front of the house from the harsh western sun. The garden beds will be placed where they can define and enhance the street appeal of the home.

A new single carport with some additional hardstand for another vehicle will be built in the frontyard on the south-west side. The carport will have character overtones to blend with the existing house’s styling and covered access to the house for protection from all types of weather.

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Considering the aspect of the home the best aspect is from the north-east, so the area currently occupied by the living area, kitchen and dining room are in the best position.

The objective on the first floor of this Graceville Queenslander renovation is to ensure a logical flow of space and good connectivity to the deck and outside spaces. As views exist through to the park it is really important that the first floor space captures these views and natural air flow. The planning of this space is essential to maximise natural air flow and function.

Working with the current layout and position of the kitchen we will switch the dining and living area locations and remove the small internal room beside the living and dining space to open up this area. We will also move the arch way to create a retreat area next to the main bedroom which could provide for a study or adult lounge, and will be a great space for a living area on the north. We will also open up the verandah on the south-west corner but with shutters to keep the space protected.

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