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Graceville Queenslander Home Renovation


Graceville Queenslander Renovation

Renovations to this Graceville Queenslander property aimed to improve the streetscape, outdoor entertainment areas, and overall flow of the home.

The pedestrian entry to this property will, therefore, be significantly enhanced with a gatehouse structure and new concrete path that leads visitors through the garden to the front stair of the home’s entrance. Significant alterations will also be made to the property’s landscaping. Although trees that are in close proximity to the house will be removed, new trees will be introduced nearby to shade the front of the home more effectively from the harsh western sun.  In addition, new garden beds will also be installed throughout the property to significantly redefine and enhance the home’s street appeal.

The south-western side of the front yard will boast a new single carport with some additional hardstand for a second vehicle. The aesthetic of this carport was designed with character overtones to blend this structure effortlessly with the existing styling of the home. What’s more, it will also feature a covered access path to the house in order to protect our clients from the elements as they transition from their vehicle to their home.

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It was important to our clients that we renovate the first floor of this Graceville Queenslander to have an improved and more logical flow of space. We also tailored our designs to upgrade its connections to the deck and outdoor living areas. Because this floor sports picturesque views that extend past the property through to a nearby park, we carefully customised the layout of this floor to capture these views and to maximise its natural lighting, ventilation, and function.

The current living area, kitchen, and dining room were already optimally situated on the north-east aspect of the home. We, therefore, decided to preserve the existing layout and position of the kitchen and proposed that the location of the dining and living areas be switched. Removing the small internal room beside the living and dining space will also be an effective way to completely open up and improve the flow between these rooms.

What’s more, an existing archway situated next to the main bedroom will also be removed to create a quaint retreat on the north aspect of the home. This additional living area could also double as a study or adult lounge.

Finally, the verandah on the south-west corner of the home will be opened up and lined with stacker doors and screened shutters. This will ensure that our clients and their family are able to enjoy indoor and outdoor living year-round without exposure to the elements.

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