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Sherwood Home Renovation

Project background

Sherwood Renovation

The owners of this Sherwood renovation home recently immigrated from South Africa. As they were completely new to the tropical climate, they desired professional advice and an architectural design service. In the past they had already used similar services; therefore, they highly valued professional design input. With this new outdoor entertaining area, they sought to harness the benefits of our climate while limiting the negatives aspects. The new home they had purchased did not have any connection to its pool area, with the main living hub of the home completely detached from the pool space.

Expanded outdoor entertaining area

Pool pavilion

The Sherwood renovation clients engaged our Lifestyle Design Advice. Dion spent several hours with the clients at their home inspecting the pool, outdoor areas and the design and layout of the existing home. In the next stage of our Design Process, the information from the Pre-Design Services was turned into a design that met their lifestyle needs.

The Sherwood renovation design entailed providing a covered pavilion structure on the poolside. This pavilion area was also designed to include a barbeque area with a relaxing and enjoyable place for the family and their friends. A second small renovation was to create a study on the first floor of the home, which would include a deck overlooking the pool and the new poolside pavilion.

Design expertise

Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle Living

dion seminara architecture has experience in assisting clients whose outdoor living and entertaining areas are not connected to their home. An architecturally designed outdoor space can make a substantial difference to your lifestyle through linkage to the home and through giving the family a relaxing and entertaining area.  If you are puzzling over how to better link your indoor living with your outdoor living, please contact us and we can discuss some solutions to your problem.

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