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Wavell Heights Home Renovation

Architectural style

Wavell Heights Home Renovation

For this Wavell Heights home renovation we proposed two options for the first floor, where both options focus on the liveability of the clients home internally and the connection to external spaces.

Project details

Design concept

Both options maximise the client’s external deck space with a clear focus on the lagoon styled existing pool. Then both schemes focus on creating a tropical inner city haven and getaway. The connection has been enhanced via large expansive door systems. As well as an improved and now very high roof over the current deck.

As for the street appeal, it has been substantially enhanced with included new gatehouse, new external stair. This of which lead to the front door and front and side fencing. Contemporary elements have been added to the front of the home to lift the look and feel.

The alternative configuration of bathroom/ensuites and kitchen layouts are based around either preserving the existing roof or removing the existing roof over the existing deck. Pluses and minus exist in both schemes in this respect.

A clear connection to the garage has been incorporated via the link and we have recycled the possible use of the thatched gazebo. Ground level has been adjusted with the option of lowering the floor in the garage area. And the kitchen is an open plan format with island bench and will flow out and really connect with the deck. The main bedrooms focus is on insulation and protection from the road as well as capturing the essence of the site via a lush garden and views into the pool. A cave has been catered for with the potential of a new mezzanine as well as nice amenities and bench options.

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Suburb history

Wavell Heights Architecture

Wavell Heights is about 9 km north of the Brisbane city centre. This suburb features mid-sized to large houses and townhouses. These include modern homes and beautiful old Queenslanders.

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