The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

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Benefits of Well Considered Design Solutions

Why should you invest in expert home design?

Great question!

Whilst people often associate architects with grand, beautiful homes, the value of effective design solutions goes much deeper than just looks!


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Hawthorne Home Renovation


Although there are too many benefits of architectural home design for me to explain in detail here, I have decided to focus on 3 of the major benefits of great home design.

Let’s get into it!


Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the major benefits of using an experienced architect is increased energy efficiency of your home.

Oftentimes when people think of climate benefits, they think of environmental friendliness.

Although this IS one of the benefits that energy efficient design offers the home owner, this isn’t the only benefit it provides!

In addition to being friendlier on the earth, energy efficient designs are also friendly to your bank account!

To elaborate on this further, let me first explain how a home is judged for energy efficiency.

NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) is how the energy performance of homes in Australia is judged.

Currently, the minimum energy rating a newly built home is required to meet is a 6-star rating, however on the 1st of May there are new changes coming in that will bump the minimum NatHers rating to 7 stars.


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect



Since these rules only apply to new homes, the average energy ratings for QLD homes would be much much lower than 6 stars!

Although 6 stars to 7 stars may sound like a somewhat small difference, the Climate Council reports that a 7 star home represents an average $450 per year cost saving when compared to a 6 star home.

Additionally, this difference also represents a 25% reduction in emissions.


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Sherwood New Home


Now, if the actual average energy performance of QLD homes is much lower than 6 stars, you can probably imagine the difference that energy-efficient renovation design can make to both the bank accounts and energy emissions of those living in older homes!


Potential for Increased Resale Value

Now, I want to start by saying that we are architects and not financial advisors!

With that being said, we are uniquely placed to provide an opinion on the resale of architect designed homes as a result of our interview with Brisbane real estate legend Darcy Lord a few months ago!


When we asked Darcy about the resale value of architect designed homes, here is what he had to say:

“Yes it does.

I personally think that everyone, in one way or another, appreciates good architecture. They may not know how to explain it properly – but everyone knows the feeling and intention that is perceptible when you walk into a home which has been designed by an architect.

Because of our online nature of consuming photographs, floor plans, information on fit outs, as well as the massive help of social media – I find that the interest in architecturally designed homes is moving faster and faster into the online process”.


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Ascot Home Renovation


It is worth noting that there are other factors that influence a home’s value, however our architects are equipped to provide advice on other factors that may influence your home’s value in our Design Advice Service.

That being said, assuming all things are equal, an architect designed home will typically be nicer than other homes to live in, more energy efficient, and generally have more desirable traits than the average home!

Other things that need to be considered in order for your home to hold value are:

  • The suburb of your home
  • The street of your home
  • Desirable site features (Does your home have a nice view? Riverside location? Etc)
  • Whether your chosen design style is very niche and personalized to your tastes, or something that suits your needs whilst still appealing to a wide market.

Hopefully you can now see the value that having an architect design your home can bring to your investment!



Lifestyle Benefits of Architect Designed Homes

Now onto what is, in my opinion, the greatest benefit of using a client-focused architect to design your home – lifestyle benefits!


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Camp Hill Renovation and Addition


Although this is quite a vague sounding term, it is actually fairly simple to understand.

In basic terms, every single design feature of your home will have an impact on your lifestyle.

Are you a big entertainer, who loves having guests and family over?

If so – a well designed outdoor entertainment area will mean that your home allows you to enjoy entertaining even more than before!

Are you entering a new stage of life? (Retirement, Children, etc)

If so – these are things that need to be considered in your design as they will make your life easier and more enjoyable down the road!

It is worth noting here that not all architects are equal when it comes to lifestyle-focused home designs.

The key here is to really research any firms or architects you are considering for your project.


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Toowong Home Renovation


Some architects will have a distinct style that they will refuse to stray from, whilst others will be happy to put your aesthetics and needs before their own design preferences.

The main practical advice I can give here is to make sure you understand what it is that you want from an architect, and then ensure that any shortlisted firms have a design philosophy that aligns with your project goals and philosophy towards the design process.


Tailor Made Homes

In addition to those fairly straightforward benefits, there are some benefits of architect designed homes that are more abstract, and need to be experienced in order to truly understand them.

There is a feeling of harmony and bliss that comes with experiencing a home that was created with your exact taste and lifestyle in mind.


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Auchenflower Period Home Renovation


Imagine walking into a home with a perfect climate, which aligns with your exact aesthetics – your dream home!

Imagine living in the home, and finding that your life is easier as every aspect of your lifestyle was factored into the home’s design process.

THAT is what living in a home designed by a client-focused architect is like!

Do you have a mental image of what the home I described might look like?

Do you have an idea of what features it may have?

Do you have an understanding of where your current home may fall short in these areas?

If so – we can help make this vision a reality!


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Mt. Nebo Luxury New Home


No Style Limitations!

As an extension of that last point, I want to quickly explain the benefits of an architect when it comes to designing a home that suits your preferred style.

Whilst there are plenty of options for pre-designed homes on the market, they are typically fairly rigid in terms of available alteration choices to the home’s style.

With an architect, the possibilities are endless!


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Gregors Creek New Home


Are you a fan of Hampton’s space planning, but prefer a differently styled interior?

No matter how niche your design preferences, being a client-focused architect with over 30 years experience means that I am not locked into a certain style.

We can create style hybrids, or even a completely new aesthetic for your home!


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Gregors Creek New Home


You may not yet be certain of the aesthetic you are aiming for, however one thing you can be certain of is that we have the expertise, creativity, and drive to make your dream home a reality – even if you aren’t yet sure which aesthetic is for you!


Own a Difficult Block? You need an Architect!

Another major reason people come to architects is to properly utilize unusual blocks.

Does your block have a slope?

Maybe an odd shape?

If so – you will need an architect to help you make the most of your land.


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Red Hill Home Renovation


For example – sloping blocks are not suited to project homes, and will need an architect to create a home design that suits the slope of the block.

Likewise, project homes are not the best suited for oddly shaped blocks. Whilst in this scenario it may be possible to put a project home on the block, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a solution that properly utilizes the block to the best of its potential.

If you have a difficult site, feel free to contact us and discuss your site requirements and we will be able to give you a better idea of what may be possible to maximise your project’s potential.


Benefit from Local Climate Knowledge

This is another often overlooked benefit of architects – knowledge of local climate.

One practical example of this I can give is in the case of Hamptons homes.

Although the Hamptons style of home remains popular, did you know that the traditional Hamptons design choices are not suitable for our sub-tropical climate?

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a liveable and beautiful Hamptons home in Brisbane, however!


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Hawthorne Queenslander Renovation


In the past we have created many solutions for clients wanting a Hamptons look by combining them with other styles of homes – for example Queenslanders.

This gives you the benefits of both the Hamptons aesthetic, as well as the climate suitable features of Queenslander homes.



The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Clayfield Home Renovation


You Need an Architect!

By now you can hopefully see why it is important to get an architect involved in your project!

When you decide to use a client-focused architect to design your home, you are investing in your lifestyle!

We can also ensure that your home is 110% tailored to your exact needs and lifestyle!

Need an architect to assist with your project? You’ve come to the right place!


The Value of Good Design – Why You Need an Architect

Clayfield Home Renovation


Whether you are looking to undertake a renovation or new home project, we are experts in a range of residential architecture styles!

With over 30 years experience, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

Want to learn more about the benefits dion seminara architecture can bring to your project?

Contact us today!

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