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Timber House Extensions

For those of you who have a timber home, there is a lot of good news if you’re considering extending or renovating.

Timber Renovation services

A Sought After Building Material

Timber has been a popular building material in Brisbane homes so it should come as no surprise that well known Brisbane architects dion seminara architecture have a wealth of experience in creating wonderful designs all kinds of timber projects from renewals to refurbishments and even new modern homes.

From the classic Queenslander to pre and post-war cottages, we have been creating designs for renovations and extensions of wooden houses for decades. The main reason people want to extend is that their home has become too small for their needs. Often they would also like a contemporary feel to modernise their existing wooden home and that is where design talent comes in.

If you would like some more guidance on renovating, we have created the 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating guide to help you avoid common mistakes and ensure you’re completing the right research before you start. Download this guide using the link below.

Blending is key

A Considered Approach

All timber house extensions need to blend in and work with the existing home for it to be a success. That’s not to say that it should mimic any of the shortcomings of the original home, but instead look like it belongs as part of the home rather than a tacked-on afterthought. At dion seminara architecture we are able to create designs for renovations and extensions to timber homes that give you all of the modern comforts you desire while remaining true to the unique charm and character of your home.

Timber House Extension Design Services
Timber House Extension Design Services
Up, down and out

Your Options

Regardless of whether you’re looking to build in downstairs, build a new storey on your home or simply build out to the back, front or sides we can create a stunning extension that will transform your house into the home of your dreams. Timber homes are often expensive to run due to poor sealing that results in gaps and draughts. However, this will not be a concern for you with a renovation and extension design by dion seminara architecture. Our designs will be energy efficient, resulting in maximum comfort at the lowest possible running costs. We can even look at improving the energy efficiency of your entire home at the same time.


Why Consider Using Timber?

For those of you who have a timber home, there is a lot of good news in terms of extending and renovating wooden homes. Here we look at the advantages of your timber home.


There is more flexibility in using timber as a focus in your home design project. It is easier to do timber extensions than extensions to brick homes as there are fewer limitations associated with extending a house using timber. Changes are also not as expensive. Certain types of wood are often used in contemporary extensions or used to fit in with the existing style of a wooden home. As timber was mainly used in building homes previously, obviously then timber should be used in an extension project on a historical or traditional home style. Not only will the timber match the existing house, it can bring a modern update and feel to the home. Furthermore, any internal walls removed from the existing home can be reused in the extension (as long as they are not affected by rot or termites). Wood can also be painted a variety of different colours, cut and carved into desired designs, or even just varnished to bring out its natural beauty.


Timber frame house extensions mean a shorter build time. The main shell of wooden house extensions can be erected within a matter of days, compared to weeks with other building materials. This means that your timber house extension can be completed fast so that you can enjoy your new areas of your home as soon as possible. The timber can also be sourced locally, meaning that ordering your timber extension frame and having it delivered and ready for erecting can all occur in a few weeks instead of months.


The third advantage is quality. Timber frames are one of the most durable and long-lasting of all framing systems used in building to date. Therefore you can be assured that your wooden house extension will last as long as the existing home. The main issue with timber is termites and rot or mould. However, as your existing home is already made of timber these issues would have been addressed. Timber is also exceptionally durable and safe, which is why it is still widely used today. A timber home moves and flexes with any changes in the foundations, meaning that on an unstable foundation timber is the smartest option.

Cost savings

An important advantage of extending a timber home is the amount of money saved compared to brick or steel home renovations. Timber is a cheap, renewable source of building that takes less time and enables quick and simple modifications. Timber is a widely used resource for extending homes (both timber homes and also brick and tile homes) because of its availability. As one of the most common building materials, builders are able to source timber for less cost and without having to wait long periods of time for supply.

Environmentally friendly

The last (but not least) advantage of timber house extensions is the environmentally friendly factor. Building green is an expectation in modern times, with homeowners expecting the house to have a low impact on the environment. Long after they have been cut, trees continue to absorb and store emissions. That means that timber renovations and extensions to existing timber homes are further reducing the carbon emissions in the atmosphere, improving the environment and for a lower cost than other building materials.

If a timber house extension allows for re-using of timber or includes the use of recycled timber this truly makes for an environmentally friendly renovation. Finally, as long as the timber is sourced from renewable resources (timber plantations) then your planned timber home extension will be eco-friendly and the negative impacts on the environment due to the renovation project will be kept to a minimum.

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