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Outdoor Kitchen & Entertainment Area Designs

In our external entertaining spaces, we harmonise the outdoor areas with the home’s interiors, drawing on natural elements and conditions.

Capture the essence

Outdoor Living Designs

At dion seminara architecture, we understand the fundamentals of outdoor entertainment area and landscaping design. We aim to anchor the outdoor areas in harmony with the home by drawing on natural elements and tying the outside and inside together. When there is a flowing harmony between the outside space and the indoor areas, you will enjoy a greater sense of calm and connectedness within your home.


Outdoor entertaining

Want to capture the essence of the outdoors and create a space for entertaining where you and your family can soak up the best of our Australian seasons? With dion seminara architecture, we understand what makes exceptional outdoor entertainment designs. We have a true appreciation for outdoor entertaining and look to create outdoor living designs that deliver beautiful experiences.


Architecture delivers harmony

We work within the boundaries of your existing home design and maximise your available outside space to make sure that we’re truly doing your outdoor area justice. We can incorporate levels to give an impression of greater space and can turn practically any outdoor area into a sanctuary.


Creativity and design flair

We understand what needs to come together to create the perfect space. You need seating, cover, space, light, colour, texture and a meld of built and natural elements to create a truly harmonious environment. When you work with us, you have full creative input, and we consult with you throughout the project and process to ensure that the end result leaves you delighted.

Design enhancing life

Bring Your Outdoor Entertainment Plans to Life

Create the right formula for your lifestyle

Outdoor areas are often forgotten in the design process, leaving them disjointed and disconnected with the rest of the home. Rather than treating your external areas as an afterthought, dion seminara architecture will help you to achieve a result that will make the most of the available space within the boundaries of your property.We are a leading team of Brisbane landscape architecture experts who have been delivering exceptional landscape designs and outdoor entertainment designs for over 30 years.

Climatic enjoyment

When you have a stunning spot for outdoor entertaining, you’ll find yourself going there time and time again. And we would love to create that space for you. We are lucky in Australia that for much of our year, the weather is fine and great for spending a meal or an afternoon outside. Why not equip your home with the kind of outdoor entertaining area designs that allow you to take full advantage of every opportunity?


Landscaping the front and side passages of your home can significantly increase street appeal, the overall value of your home and set the tone for your home’s style, character and your personality. Landscaping at the rear of your home is more about you and your lifestyle. When you work with us, you will enjoy an outdoor space for entertainment, activity and relaxation; a space that blurs the divide between the interior and exterior of the home, and a beautiful place to enjoy your downtime.

Functionality and aesthetics

Outdoor entertainment area and landscaping renovations can make a significant impact on the functionality and aesthetics of your home. Please browse our gallery of past outdoor entertainment designs to see our expertise in creating effective outdoor entertainment areas, and producing breathtaking landscape designs.

Key factors

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

You will find examples of our completed projects spanning outdoor kitchens, deck extensions and patios through to pools and garden landscaping.

We have transformed the outdoor areas of inner city homes, suburban blocks, country estates, apartment blocks and resorts. Now we would love to work with you.

We have a few key factors that we incorporate into every design that we conceptualise. Whether you’re in a large family home in a cool climate or are living in the warmth of tropical Queensland, we consider fundamentals like:

Easy access - We want you to be able to go to your outdoor entertaining spaces easily so that you get maximum use from them.

Integration beyond the immediate space – Also known as indoor/outdoor entertaining, this kind of design ensures that you can enjoy an outdoor space even as you are preparing a meal in the kitchen, or enjoying a film in the living room.

Comfortable space – Plenty of space to sit and relax, with plenty of space to eat and enjoy the outdoors – we make sure that no matter what you are looking for with your outdoor space, we provide it.

Suitable climate – No matter where you are in Australia, our design team will work to ensure that your space is enjoyable no matter the weather. We can incorporate heaters and make the best use of open space to allow for a cooling breeze to permeate your space, ensuring comfort all year round.

Support mechanisms – Perhaps you’re looking for a pool to make summer fun for the kids, or you’d like to incorporate a bar, pergola or barbecue area to your outdoor space. We can provide a design to suit every family.

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