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Sustainable New Home

About the project

Project Summary

This project located Sherwood is a modern design home based on sustainanable principles. This meant creating a home from the ground up with sustainable design choices, including aspects such as airflow, solar panelling and perfectly laid out rooms for better mobility.

While being concious about the home’s environmental effect, it was also important to be financially sustainable as well, keeping the client’s budget in mind.

Client’s needs

A Brief

The client was after an environmentally sustainable new home with some very specific goals. These goals included wanting to generate more energy for the house than it would consume, having easy to use garage with an undercover enterance to the house, comfortable to live in while also keeping costs low and having beautiful views of the distant hills from the second level of the house.

All of this was to be kept in mind while also making sure the house was aesthetically pleasing to the client.

About the project

Core Principles

The project included the design of a modern contemporary new home with surrounding landscape. The main basis for the project as emphasised by the client was to ensure the home was as sustainable as it could be as far as the use of energy and water.

The included core principles to ensure sustainability are:

  1. Layout of the home to maximise natural light and airflow.
  2. Very particular choice of external materials.
  3. Construction specifics for the external walls.
  4. Internal division system to assist in heating and cooling.
  5. Focus on maximising water efficiency and recycling.
  6. Focus on maximising suitable locations for maximum number of photovoltaic panels (solar panels) and with a specific type chosen.

Like most of our work, a whole site focus was introduced with consideration for every aspect in play. From location of the front fence type and style to gates, paths, driveways, peremeter and rear site use, landscaping and connection.

From the inside out, the placement of internal components such as the kitchen, living areas and the locations of all windows and doors which all ensure the best possible indoor and outdoor flow and visual connections.

The home consists of some high and very high ceilings in particular spaces along with large sliding doors to seperate and divide spaced, therefore, controlling heating and cooling of spaces.

About the project

Design Elements

Given the focus on sustainability the entire home design has included elements to maximise postivies and eliminate negatives.

This includes roofs shapes to ensure up to 62 solar panels can be included, wide overhangs, external screening elements, high and low cross flow of ventiliation to allow for the venturi effect.

Double glazing has been included but full operable windows have been installed where prevailing natural breeze is available.

Project walkthrough

An Inside Look

Experience the home’s design in 3D with this video walkthrough.

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