What is Architectural Design, and Why Does It Matter? [December 2023 Update]

What is Architectural Design, and Why Does It Matter? [December 2023 Update]

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Architectural design is a huge part of our everyday lives. At first you may not realise the full scope to which our existence is enhanced by it, but take a look around and you’ll realise that not only does it present us with office buildings, homes, and cultural structures – but it also improves the flow of our daily lives!

What is Architectural Design?

Architectural design is the practice of designing buildings with both form and function in mind. In other words, the focus isn’t on drafting the most rudimentary structure to get the basic job done. Instead architectural design takes into account the beauty, flow, and surrounding environment of the building.

The core goal of architectural design is to create a space that complements the lives of those who live inside it. This is done by combining both aestheticism and pragmatism.

There are many nuances in architectural design – it’s both an art and a science, it demands both functionality and creativity.

To put it simply – it aims to make where we work, live, and play better and more beautiful.

Ascot Interior, Landscape & Streetscape Renovation: This newly designed entrance greatly enhances the appearance of the home. However, whilst the entrance to the building itself has received a stunning contemporary makeover, the streetscape itself has been transformed.

Why Does Architectural Design Matter?

While some people may mistakenly view architectural design as an irrelevant luxury – the fact of the matter is that it’s actually quite essential. Poorly designed buildings can have huge impacts on your daily life – as well as your electricity bills, and the environment.

Expert architectural design is a wise investment. It ensures that factors such as house orientation, air movement, natural sunlight, and local climate are all taken into account. Architectural design also considers your family’s lifestyle, and how room positioning, and house flow works all work together to ensure your space works for you and your family.

Why Should You Choose An Architect to Design Your Home?

If you’re about to embark on a new build or renovation and find yourself trying to choose between a draftsperson, building designer, or architect – you should be aware that each have very different areas of expertise.

While a draftsperson is skilled at drawing up plans they are not necessarily experts in building design. All registered architects need to train for years at university in order to understand how to think outside the box, and design truly extraordinary buildings. Registered architects have many design tricks up their sleeves to help ensure your home is eco-friendly, innovative, and well organised.

A builder, on the other hand, is the master of the jobsite and will be able to bring those architectural design plans to life.

So why engage an architect for your next project?

Indooroopilly Home Renovation: For this Indooroopilly home renovation, the owners were seeking a modern and contemporary renovation to transform their 1960s Post-War home completely. Increasing the overall living space and improving the connectivity with the outdoors was a crucial component of the design brief. 

Invest in Architectural Design Expertise

Architects are highly educated and study for many years before they can practice.

Once they have their university degree, after five to six years of training, they must undergo on-the-job training for at least two years. Practising architects are also required to be registered with the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), which promotes ongoing professional development.

Architects stay up to date on rules and regulations, and innovations in materials and building products. They do this to ensure their design for your home is the best it can possibly be. If there are any issues specific to your site or the existing building – maybe climate, orientation, soil type, slopes, bushfire or flood risk – an architect has the skills to find solutions to your problem.

As experts in design, architects will ensure your home is tailored to your individual site, as well as your family’s specific needs and wants. Whether you’re a large family or a sole occupant, whether you love to entertain or value privacy, whether you are all about the latest mod-cons or simply intend on making your home as eco-friendly as possible – an architect can ensure your custom design ticks all of the boxes.

Camp Hill Home Renovation & Addition: We blended the renovations to this Camp Hill property seamlessly with the existing home. Our aim as renovation architects brisbane was to improve the overall liveability of the property. 

Enhance Energy Efficiency

As the effects of climate change become a very real threat at the same time that bushfires, floods, storms, and heat waves become more common – homeowners will no doubt be looking to reduce their household emissions, as well as weather-proof their homes.

Architects are able to take advantage of factors like air movement and thermal mass via passive design to reduce the need for additional heating or air-conditioning. The same applies to harnessing natural light, via home orientation, to save on lighting. Energy-efficient homes that work with the local climate are becoming increasingly important.

If your home is in a bushfire or flood-prone area, it’s wise to engage the help of a qualified architect who will be able to design your home accordingly.

Sustainable & Passive Designed New Home: Our client came to us wanting us to design a highly energy efficient home. Our original design concept included 15 degree roofs facing due north, a gate house and highly balanced material selections.

Avoid Future Renovations

As licensed professionals, we can help you to get it right the first time. We have had many clients who took the low-cost option when first building their homes and failed to engage an architect, only to realise a few years down the track that their poorly designed homes weren’t conducive to their everyday lives.

Sure, architects can cost more at the outset, but we believe that the return on investment is definitely worth it.

Increase Resale Value through Architectural Design

Architectural design takes into account a huge range of factors related to the site and building. From orientation and site features to thermal performance, technologies and landscape. In addition to its functionality, an architecturally designed home is also a beautiful work of art. One that enhances the local neighbourhood and attracts admirers.

This is sure to come in handy when it comes time to sell as buyers are often seduced by the promise of an architecturally designed home, and with increased demand comes an increased sale price.

If you’re planning a new build or renovation, get in touch today. Our expertise in architectural design will enable you to create the healthiest, happiest home for you and your family.

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