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Pre-Design Services

Pre-Design Services

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We begin your architecturally designed project with one of our Pre-Design Services: contact dion seminara architecture to begin your design process today.


Lifestyle Design Advice

At dion seminara architecture we have perfected a process of architectural services which can guide you, step by step, through either a renovation project or the design of a custom new home. Our process commences with our Step 1 Pre-Design Service – Lifestyle Design Advice – where we investigate your specific project needs and consider design solutions to cater for current and future lifestyle choices.



Pre-Design Services Benefits

Our pre-design advice consultations are conducted within your home or on your block of land (or at your proposed home or block of land). During these services, you will receive professional, qualified guidance – you will benefit from over 30 years of design and project management experience in residential design, lifestyle design, construction, planning and project management. When you move to the next stage, Step 2 – Sketch Design, at the conclusion of your pre-design consultation, we will advance your investment in our pre-design consultation services towards your unique architectural design as we put ‘pen to paper.’ View our process:

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