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Design Advice Service

We begin your architecturally designed project with one of our Design Advice Services: contact dion seminara architecture to begin your design process today.

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Advice Services

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Step 1 – Service Option 1
(Orally Presented Pre-Design Advice)

Design Advice Service

At dion seminara architecture we have perfected a process of architectural services which can guide you, step by step, through a renovation project, the design of a custom new home, any boutique end-user commercial and/or multi-residential building. Our process commences with our Step 1 – Design Advice Service – where we investigate your specific project needs and consider design solutions to cater for current and future lifestyle choices.

The reason we always begin our architectural design process with a Low Cost Consultation (Design Advice Service or Pre-Purchase Design Advice) is to reduce the risk of changes being required further along in the design process by removing all assumptions and having a clear direction.

When considering renovating or building, this Design Advice Service with dion seminara architecture is the first step. Here is why you should seriously be considering this service:

  • To receive a registered architect’s verbal opinion on the feasibility of the project. Dion Seminara has 30 years of experience in architecture, and so, he will know the feasibility of your ideas.
  • To discuss room details, sizes, orientation etc.
  • To discuss the indoor outdoor connection and possible external works and landscape design
  • To discuss potential solutions at a high-level that encourages on-going testing of ideas – “Design Thinking”
  • To discuss the ‘look and feel’ of potential schemes with an architect
  • To discuss the functional viability of the project and your ideas
  • To discuss the planning and legal viability of your ideas, as well as any building regulation requirements
  • To verbally get an idea of building costs and budgetary needs

A medical professional wouldn’t perform an operation on a patient without a proper diagnosis; this Design Advice Service works in the same way. This initial low commitment consultation begins the strategy to precisely understand your project’s requirements, so that we can provide you with our findings, recommendations, and an idea of how to move forward with a timeline and budget.

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Step 1 – Service Option 2

Pre-Purchase Design Advice

Before purchasing property, our Design Advice consultation provides you with an insight into whether the house or land under consideration will, in fact, meet your needs. Should the property require a renovation or perhaps a knock-down-and-rebuild option, a Pre-Purchase Design Advice service will help you make the right decision to suit both your living and financial needs.

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Step 1 – Service Option 3

Pre-Purchase Online Property Analysis

This service is about finding the best home for your lifestyle needs, what we know of the area, location issues and most importantly, given we are in a subtropical climate location, how to achieve the best climatic outcome which is already built in to many existing homes and land locations, so that you can buy the right place for you (this service does not replace the need for you to get a building and pest inspection).

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Step 1 – Service Option 4

Your Floorplan Audit & Review

This floorplan audit and review with dion seminara architecture is an additional step to start your journey. Features of this service include:

  • Assessment of your proposed layout against what is important to you and your needs.
  • Analysing good planning criteria, including; best responses to climate, ensuring good flow within your home, design for good acoustic outcomes, design for great family life and design for good indoor and outdoor connection.
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Design Advice Services Benefits

Our design advice consultations are conducted within your home or on your block of land (or at your proposed home or block of land). During these services, you will receive professional, qualified guidance – you will benefit from over 30 years of design and project management experience in residential design, lifestyle design, construction, planning and project management.

When you move to the next stage, with your choice of three different design service package services, at the conclusion of your pre-design consultation, we will advance your investment in our pre-design consultation services towards your unique architectural design as we put ‘pen to paper.’

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