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Pre-Purchase Design Advice

Pre-Purchase Design Advice

Our pre-purchase design advice provides you with confidence that you are making the right purchasing decision for your new home.

Needs and options review

Pre-Purchase Design Advice

Before purchasing property, our Pre-Purchase Design Advice consultation provides you with an insight into whether the house or land under consideration will, in fact, meet your needs. Should the property require a renovation or perhaps a knock-down-and-rebuild option, a Pre-Purchase Design Advice service will help you make the right decision to suit both your living and financial needs.

To assist you in your review of properties that you are considering, we have created a Pre-Purchase Review Pack, the ultimate guide/checklist for you to complete to easily narrow down which properties suit you and your family best. To download your copy click here or on the button below.


Services Benefits

Our Pre-Purchase Design Advice service is a paid consultation conducted within the proposed home or block of land.

Being able to clearly identify your lifestyle requirements and deciding prior to purchase if the property is the right fit for you will save you long term.

Make the right choice

Pre-Purchase Considerations

Based on the information from this service you will:

  • be able to work out whether the property you are considering will suit your needs
  • have an awareness of the potential costs involved for your particular project
  • gain valuable insights that may prove to be very useful in the price negotiation process before purchase, and
  • be provided with certainty when weighing up the options between two competing properties.
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