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Religious Architecture

With dion seminara architecture on your side, whether you choose a concept only, or a full design service package, you can trust that we will always have you and your congregation’s best interests in mind to create or transform your sacred space.

Our service doesn’t just stop at architectural design. We’re also happy to recommend reputable builders and provide advice on the contract negotiation process to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. We even take care of ensuring all relevant council planning requirements are met, and that local authority requirements work for your project.

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Religious Architecture


Public Architecture Renovation – Sts Peter & Paul Church

Interior Design

The restoration of Saints Peter and Paul Church is a perfect example of how traditional architecture can be updated and modernised without losing the history and sacredness of the old style. By updating the layout of the church but keeping the original colour schemes and brickwork, the design understood and…

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Unique purpose

Sacred Space Architecture Reimagined

Whether you are looking to undertake a new design or a renovation that perfectly complements the original structure’s heritage and character, we make sure all spiritual aspects of religious architecture are tastefully included in the design. Because spiritual structures are unique in their purpose, they should be designed as such. At dion seminara architecture, we can push the boundaries of sacred space architecture design, or we can focus on a more traditional look. The choice is yours.


Renovation and restoration

Want to update the look of your place of worship? We can restore older religious structures to their former glory. Our architectural design solutions build on what your sacred space already has, and our aim is always to enhance your place of worship both inside and out while ensuring its historical charm remains intact.


Evoke emotions

The right kind of spiritual spaces architecture can evoke certain emotions, and it’s our job to create a design that pulls off the right look and feel to suit your sacred and holy place. The outside should be welcoming while the interior should feel like a divine sanctuary.


New design

When designing a new piece of religious architecture, a lot of flexibility and creativity is available to you. We can work with you to come up with the perfect balance between old traditions and rituals and contemporary design elements, creating a brand-new spiritual space that’s modern and fits seamlessly into the 21st century.

A special touch

Spiritual Spaces Architecture

As award-winning architects, we can offer creative insights and come up with ideas on how to achieve your vision.

Care and respect

A special touch needs to go into the architectural design of a spiritual space. The whole project needs to be treated with great care and respect, and at dion seminara architecture, providing you with the outcome you desire is our number one priority. Whether it be churches, chapels, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues, or temples, at dion seminara architecture, we do it all.

Multi-disciplinary approach

We take on a multi-disciplinary approach and work with you to develop an awe-inspiring design that perfectly reflects your sacred space. With experience designing and renovating religious architecture and other forms of spiritual spaces architecture, our award-winning Brisbane architects can open up your world with possibilities and ideas that you couldn’t conceive of yourself to transform your place of worship into something truly special.

Professional guidance

At dion seminara architecture, we will be your guide throughout the design and renovation process. Whether it be a renovation or a brand-new sacred space architecture design, the power is in your hands. It’s our job to ensure you get the outcome you hope to achieve. With a holistic approach, we fully utilise our skillsets to develop truly unique design solutions.

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Bulimba renovation

Comprehensive Design Service

One of our most prized sacred architecture renovations that we had the pleasure of being involved with was the Saints Peter & Paul Church in Bulimba. A fundamental shift in how liturgies were held in the church lead to the need for architectural rearrangement. The challenge of this design involved moving the ambo and alter into the centre of the space while still maintaining seating capacity. The external brickwork on this 90-year-old building was also carefully restored along with the artwork and original colour scheme. Upon completion, we were able to achieve a warm, communal feel.

This example clearly shows that traditional architecture can be updated and modernised without tarnishing the old site, its history or its sacredness in any way. So, if your place of worship could do with a renovation like this one without disrespecting the traditional design, don’t hesitate to contact our team to get started.

Sacred Architecture with Soul

We deliver total management services for all religious architecture projects. Our professional architects have the know-how to determine how to get the best value for money out of your investment, and we can even save you money thanks to our competitive tendering process. At dion seminara architecture, we do it all!

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