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Mitchelton Flood Resilient Home Renovation and Additions

Client Needs

The Brief

Our clients were unfortunately impacted by the recent 2022 Brisbane floods and are seeking a flood resilient home. The client advised their budget for the renovation was limited, but with the help of a QLD government flood resilient grant, the objective was to create a lower-cost addition to the original house as well as a slight relocation to make room for a second property.

As architects, we proposed that subdividing the land and creating a second home as an investment property would be a great option and the clients were happy with the idea. As specialist home architects we can recognise potential issues in relation to a property and take advantage of this with innovative solutions.

Project Summary

Mitchelton Home Renovation

This home is designed to be flood resilient after our clients were impacted by the 2022 Brisbane floods. The land has been subdivided to contain the main home as well as a second home on a smaller block which can be used as an investment property. Both the original and smaller home have been raised to protect the homes from possible future flooding.

The original home will feature a rear addition which will contain a new open plan kitchen, living and dining area as well as a large deck. The home will be raised so all living areas are above ground level to make the home flood resilient.

The new second home is perfect for a small family with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, ensuite, open plan kitchen, dining and living area, as well as a deck. This home is also open to being renovated with further additions to the back of the property in the future.

Project Number: 200102

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