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Churwar Contemporary Renovation

Project background

Churwar Contemporary Renovation

Our Churwar contemporary renovation clients had just sold their business of forty years and were moving into a semi-retirement. Ten years prior they had built a standard project home on their acreage block in Churwar. They advised how disappointed they had been with the scale of the house and the dysfunctional layout. The scope of the Churwar contemporary renovation project was to correct the dysfunctional layout of the home, take advantage of the natural light and airflow, and add value to the occupants’ lifestyle through any potential design solutions.

Project details

Dysfunctional Layout Correction

Designs that capitalise on the local climate conditions play a significant role in enhancing the owner’s lifestyle; therefore, the home design was refocused to include an indoor/outdoor connection. The design makes the home feel more expansive and light-filled and also encourages flow between spaces. The design also included an expanded living area and new landscape external zones so the clients could entertain their young grandchildren in a private courtyard space. The interior design also included a new and more functional kitchen and an improved ensuite.

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Project Number: 140503

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