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Hamilton Queenslander Home Project with Contemporary Addition

Contemporary addition

Hamilton Home Renovation

The renovation of this 1930s Queenslander focused on awakening the potential within the existing home and creating a liveable environment for the family. Priority was placed on improving the natural light and ventilation throughout the home. Given that the clients did not want to lose the authentic look and feel of their historical Queenslander, this project provided a great opportunity for an extended renovation at the back of the property.

Designing solutions

Challenging site

The in-ground pool located in the backyard posed a significant challenge for this extension. However, the issue was resolved by extending an annexed pavilion over the existing pool. These changes helped redefine the internal environment of the current home and helped ensure continuity between the old and the new living spaces.

The new extension at the back of the house provided an open-plan kitchen, living, and dining space for up to 8 people. It also opened up to a large entertainment deck and barbecue alcove, both of which are sheltered from the elements. Attention was also placed on elevating the pavilion above the current floor level to help ensure legal head clearance under this area.

The interior space of the existing house was entirely redesigned. A new wing was created to include four standalone bedrooms, a new main bathroom, and a new master ensuite with a wardrobe. The old bathroom also received a complete renovation, with the space being turned into a guest retreat plus den. The remaining space on the ground level was transformed into a playroom with additional storage.

There were also renovations done to the property itself. The garden was levelled to create a large open-concept courtyard suitable for both children and adolescents of all ages to enjoy. A new fence was also erected around the pool area to comply with safety regulations. As an added benefit, this fence also took the overhead pavilion into consideration and therefore provided a flush and streamlined aesthetic to this outdoor space.

Client brief

New entertainment deck

The architectural style at the rear of the home is a modern addition. As such, modern materials like metal cladding were used to minimize the maintenance required by this extension. As requested by our clients, we fully preserved the beloved Queenslander aesthetic of the front of the property. This means that all the modern developments of our renovation were are only visible once you stepped inside.

Lightweight timber frames with metal cladding were chosen as the primary construction materials for the renovation in order to provide a contemporary aesthetic. Similarly, the form-factor of the new roof was also simple with contemporary styling.

Although it was not originally part of the phase 1 construction plans, a pergola was also eventually designed for the western face of the pool in order to better integrate this space with the surrounding areas.


Project Number: 061005

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