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Hawthorne Outdoor Entertainment Addition


Hawthorne Outdoor Entertainment Addition

The objective of this Hawthorne Outdoor Entertainment Addition design is to create a workable covered front yard external entertainment space that is well connected to the first floor internal living areas, makes better use of the lower terrace, and provides a private and covered living environment. A new roof structure with architectural style and grace is to be erected over the external garden deck.

This roof will provide a covered link between the current front deck; therefore, ensuring covered access from one space to another. To help maintain light levels on the first floor and lower ground level, some degree of separation between the structures will be needed to maintain light levels.

Other streetscape enhancements would consist of increased screening to the street side, ensuring a degree of privacy for your front yard external entertainment space. This could consist of battened screening and enhancements of the current landscape planting.

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We will use the existing deck space to create a wide flowing stair case into the garden level deck, providing a missing link between these spaces as well as additional casual seating space. We will ensure that the garden deck is not sacrificed by the location of this access stair and that good space planning is undertaken. A new spa under the roof structure and a bbq/outdoor kitchen on the south-western end of the garden deck will allow for easy entertaining with friends and family. This area will be visually screened of from the access gate leading through to the front door for privacy.

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Project Number: 111103

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