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Carina Heights Contemporary Home Renovation

Brick home renovation design

Carina Heights Contemporary Home Renovation

This Carina Heights contemporary home renovation project aimed to rejuvenate the older-style brick property to a more spacious contemporary home that capitalised on indoor/outdoor living. This, however, needed to be achieved without limiting the practicality of each space.

Our clients were particularly interested in creating an immersive indoor/outdoor home experience around the pool area in the back of the property, and around the new deck in the front of the home. This home renovation, therefore, included a number of contemporary additions to the brick home.

Given the contemporary style of the client’s house, we created a new entry roof, deck, and deck roof for the front of the home. We also installed a high-level roof to the side of the home. These sleek, well-refined, steel-framed additions were chosen to compliment the heavier architectural design of the existing home.

Client brief

Project details

It was important to visually open up the home and maximise its outlook wherever possible. Although the addition of a new roofed deck played a key role in achieving this, we also relocated and opened the kitchen to the front of the house. With improved storage, this design alteration significantly opened up the flow of the interior of the home. We also relocated the main entrance to improve the home’s functionality and provide undercover parking for three vehicles in the new carport.

Furthermore, we made the pool area more easily accessible from the main living area by installing large sliding stacker doors and Crimsafe type screens. This ensured that our clients and their guests can enjoy indoor and outdoor living all year round. We also modified the outdoor roof structure to limit heat but not limit light entry into the house.


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Suburb history

Carina Heights Architecture

Today Carina Heights Architecture varies significantly from large blocks to workers cottages and luxury new townhouses. Land in Carina Heights was first purchased back in 1863 and was mostly used for timber and sugar cane farming. Most of the residential development in the Carina Heights area occurred post World War II. During this time many housing commission and war service homes built in the area. Because Carina Heights is relatively affordable and close to Brisbane it is now undergoing significant redevelopment because it has become a popular suburb for new families.

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