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Highvale Luxury Home Design

About the project

Highvale Luxury Home Design

This Highvale luxury home design was focused on creating a contemporary rural equestrian retreat for our clients to enjoy all year round. The design was centred around maximising the views, with the preferred house location to be on the highest north-eastern section with views to the north-east, west, south-west and into the back-end of the equestrian arena. There will be acoustic insulation throughout the home to block out any potential aircraft and traffic noise, as well as to make the home comfortable in the harsh summer temperatures.

The home is designed to be a simple and refined home with some quirky rural features integrating the home with its surround. As the Highvale luxury home design is a retreat for our clients, all the materials used throughout are to be very low maintenance.

Project details

Internal areas

A large double garage with a separate laundry and mud room will create an easy access point for our clients when they return from working with the horses or venturing throughout the property. A store-room and wine-cellar will also be located at the back of the garage. The master bedroom wing will be generously sized with a large ensuite and walk-in-robe.

The large open-plan living, kitchen and dining area will contain a fireplace to keep warm in the winter months, and have an indoor outdoor connection with large auto door(s) for easy access to the outdoors. There will also be a covered terrace with an external fireplace to the north east for outdoor entertaining.

Rural architecture

Landscape Design

At least one walled garden will be incorporated with minor grass, “deco” pathways, and flowering plants. The open plan living area will look out over a simple grassed area with borders to keep animals in their desired zones. A stone yard fence will be used to define the retreat zone from the grazing zones.

There will be a fenced turning circle (“deco” road base) leading into the house. Due to large amounts of rainfall this deco driveway will be in coloured concrete to avoid erosion and dust entry into the rural retreat.

A separate driveway for the equestrian areas of the combined property will be created off the main road. This will ensure a clear distinction between the two properties for guests and day visitors to the home.

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