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Luxury Design and Construct – Concept to Keys

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What is Design and Construct?

Design and construct is a term that has gained popularity in recent years.

To put it simply – design and construct means you only approach one provider, who handles everything from the design of your project, through the build phases, all the way to the day you get handed the keys.

Basically – design construct means you can just sit back and relax while all the work is done for you!

There are many client benefits that come with this model including:

  • Less stress on the client’s end
  • Minimal client involvement needed during the build
  • Simplified invoice payments

So it is easy to see why this model of construction has skyrocketed in popularity!


Luxury Design and Construct – Concept to Keys

New Luxury Home in Gregors Creek – by dion seminara architecture


Why Has The Design and Construct Method Gained Popularity?

Simply explained – the design and construct model has gained popularity as a result of it’s ability to simplify both the design and construction phases of the project.

From a client’s perspective, it makes the entire process a lot easier, as they can sit back and relax as their dream home takes shape.

As a result of the design and construct method increasing in popularity, many so called “Design and Construct” companies have emerged.

It is very important that consumers understand the lack of regulation surrounding this term, as it can be quite confusing if you don’t understand the differences between design providers!

Design and Construct companies tend to be operated by either building design firms, or builders.

Although both of these professions serve their purpose – the reality is that they serve a different role to architects, and their lack of licensing makes it a lot more difficult for consumers to separate the good providers from the bad.

Thankfully, architects also have a design and construct option!

Our “Platinum – Concept to Keys” service is the luxury version of design and construct!

We start by creating your concept design – a beautiful concept for a home which is tailor made to suit your lifestyle.

From there, we progress to getting all the building approvals, plans, and other documents needed to make your concept a reality.

Next, we go through a tendering process – where we find you the best builder for your project!

Finally, we project manage your home throughout the build process – ensuring that every single step of your project’s construction runs smoothly.

So from start to finish, you can sit back and relax whilst we do the work!


Solar Panels on Energy Efficient Home

Sustainable & Passive New Home in Sherwood – by dion seminara architecture

Do I Need to Use A “Design and Construct” Company?

As mentioned above, the best way to get a truly luxury bespoke home is by using our Platinum service!

So to answer the question – no, you do not need to go to a “Design and Construct” company, you simply need to find a skilled architect who can manage all stages of your project – from the initial concept, all the way to handover day!

To learn more about our platinum service, you can look at our package options here.

What is The Benefit of Using An Architect For My Project?

There are countless benefits to using an architect to design your project, however I will go over just a few in this article, as we have written other blogs about the value of architects.

  • Architects are required to go to university, and hold a license
  • Sustainability focused architects can create energy efficient homes
  • Architect designed homes often see increased resale value
  • Architects consider your lifestyle, and design homes that will improve the way you live your life
  • Architects are adaptable in styles – you can get a home which is truly customized to your preferences!
  • Architects can design homes to suit difficult sites

To learn more about the benefits of architects, you can read our other blogs!


Luxury Design and Construct – Concept to Keys

Clayfield Queenslander Home Renovation – by dion seminara architecture

What is The Process of Design and Construct?

As mentioned earlier, our “Platinum – Concept to Keys” package is our luxury equivalent to design and construct services.

Our 6 Step Process is as follows:


Step 1: Design “Ideas” Advice

Our design process commences with our FUNDAMENTAL Design “Ideas” Advice Service, where we investigate your specific project needs, and consider design solutions to accommodate current and future lifestyle choices.

We discuss your initial vision, and give you the following information:

  • Understanding of your budget – What should you expect to spend?
  • Craft a direction for your project – What are your needs/wants?
  • Gain a better understanding of your true needs, both now and in the future
  • Reassurance that your idea has been looked over by an expert
  • Understanding of your project’s street appeal
  • Architect’s opinion on potential home flow
  • Consideration of room relationship
  • Explanation of indoor/outdoor relationship – and an explanation of how this could affect your project


Step 2: Masterplan Concept Design

The Masterplan Concept Design is where the vision for your project really starts to take shape!

This is where we put pen to paper, and create a concept for your project.

At this stage, you will receive a visual explanation of what your project will look like, as well as indicative costing by our quantity surveyor.


Step 3: Concept Revisions & Design Development

This step includes revisions of your initial Masterplan Concept based on the feedback you provide us, and our own personal opinions.

Consideration will be given to the relevant building materials and you will be provided with a proposed 3D Internal and External Visuals of your project.


Step 4: Approval Applications & Cost Management Service

In this stage, we complete documents including Pre-Development applications if required, and Pre-Building application drawings which include: site plan, floor plan, elevations & sections, and window & door schedules.

Our cost management service is a detailed estimate of your project’s overall cost. We do a detailed extent of works document and detailed costings on all aspects of your project – working alongside professional cost planning service providers.


Step 5: Construction Documentation

Construction documentation is the phase in which the architect provides a set of plans for the construction of your home.


Step 6: Tender & Contract Administration

Step 6 is split into two parts.

Part 1 is our competitive tender, and part 2 is contract administration.

Our competitive tender process sees us tender a range of builders, trying to find you the provider who is best equipped to complete your project. We have seen massive cost savings in the past come to clients who use this service!

Contract administration is where we oversee the build – ensuring that you can sit back and relax whilst we handle everything else for you!


3D Render of a home created in the Coastal Mediterranean/Palm Springs design style.

3D Render of A Palm Springs Style Home – by dion seminara architecture


What Happens Next?

After step 6, our architects will give you the keys – and you can relax in your completed home!

This simplicity is what makes the design and construct process so great – you don’t need to worry about anything as it is all taken care of for you!

Want to learn more about our “Platinum – Concept to Keys” service?

Get in touch with dion seminara architecture today!

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