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Bespoke Landscape Design Process

Step 1

Pre-Design Services

Commencing a relationship with your landscape designer involves working through the services in a structured process corresponding to your journey. So, you must take the time to get the first steps right to ensure the last steps run smoothly. That’s why we have our Landscape Design Options Assessment and Pre-Purchase Landscape Design Advice – our needs and options review services.

Obtain a landscape designer's opinion on the feasibility of the project - one who is experienced in the type of project you're facing.

Discuss your brief, room details, sizes, orientation etc.

Discuss the indoor outdoor connection.

Discuss potential solutions at a high-level that encourages on-going testing of ideas - ``Design Thinking``.

Discuss the 'look and feel' of a potential scheme.

Discuss the functional viability of the project and your ideas.

Discuss construction costs and budgetary needs with someone who has experience in realistic building costs.

Suitable for those looking to renovate the interior of their home.
We will consider:

  • What you love about your home’s exterior
  • What doesn’t work
  • What outcome you hope to achieve
  • How you currently live outside your home
  • Your longer-term needs
  • Your building budget
  • Any possible restrictions
  • The potential landscaping layout options
  • Environmentally friendly Design solutions and improvements.

These services are verbally presented. No illustrations, drawings or plans are included at this stage.

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Suitable for those who are considering purchasing a home or building a new home, and will require bespoke landscape design.
We will consider:

  • If the home or land suits your lifestyle needs
  • The potential landscaping layout options
  • Environmentally friendly design solutions and improvements
  • Possible restrictions
  • An indication of potential costs
  • Any price negotiation insights prior to purchase

This advice is not a substitute for a pre-purchase pest inspection which you should undertake independently.

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Step 2

Sketch Design Concept

We will now start creating your unique landscape design based on our Pre-Design Consultation. This is the stage where we put pen to paper. Sketch design provides analysis, visual explanation and your space planning, resolving how rooms and external spaces will ultimately relate to one another.

You will have a clear understanding of the physical parameters of the project through the form and detail of the concept.

We will maximise the opportunities given your design requirements and explore the relationships between space, volume and the natural environment.

Our landscape designers will conceptualise, compare and consolidate design variations to provide the best approach based on your lifestyle needs.

An indicative cost estimate will ensure an understanding of the budget requirements for all stages of your project.

You can quickly move onto our Design Development Step from this stage.

Step 3

Design Development & Construction Documentation

Any design revisions following Sketch Design will be made and we will focus on the form of the design. Consideration will be given to the relevant building materials and you will be provided with a 3D visual of your project. Once you have confirmed the refined and developed design outcome for your project we get down to the work of preparing construction drawings to bring your design to life.

We will further refine your chosen concept to ensure the design truly reflects your needs, taking into consideration your feedback.

We will consider each product and material to be used for construction ensuring the look and feel of the design represents your style.

The developed design outcome will be translated into construction drawings to bring your design to life. Construction drawings explain to the builder the quality of inclusions, finishes and work required to build your project.

A detailed cost estimate to keep your project on budget is recommended at this stage which can be used to compare builders’ quotes.

Detailed project specifications ensure the project's construction aligns with the design intent.

We will manage and coordinate all sub-consultants, working closely to ensure your project objectives are clearly identified and effective communication channels provide for accurate documentation.

Step 4

Tender & Contract Administration

Following construction documentation, our tender and contract negotiation process will aid the selection of your project’s builder. Contract Administration sees us project manage the construction phase, ensuring the project’s completion under the terms of the contract, preserving the design intent and aesthetics.

This service will select an appropriate panel of builders that are qualified to meet the construction parameters of your project.

Competitive quotations will be requested from the qualified panel of builders to ensure you receive the best price.

We will negotiate with these builders on your behalf to ensure the best terms and pricing is reflected in their quotations.

We will prepare a tender report comparing the competitive quotes with a detailed cost estimate (prepared earlier) and submit these to you.

For Contract Administration we will arrange for the contracts to be signed and executed by all parties.

During Contract Administration we act on your behalf to ensure your project is completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

We liaise with the builder on your behalf regarding variations, delays and material availability, answering any questions or addressing any concerns you, the builder or any specialist consultants have.

We will assess the practical completion of your project and issue such notice to both you and the builder. Final inspections three, six or twelve months after the practical completion date will be initiated.

This is the stage where we really make life easier for you. Finding, negotiating and liaising with builders can be stressful. As part of this service we:

  • Arrange for tenders from suitably qualified builders
  • Negotiate with builders on your behalf to get the best terms and pricing
  • Help you assess each tender and award the project to the winning builder
  • Prepare a contract on your behalf
  • Arrange for signing and execution of contracts by all parties.
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This is where we act on your behalf to ensure that the project is completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. As part of this service we:

  • Visit the construction site periodically to ensure correct material selection, design integrity and quality of work
  • Report back to you regarding progress and standard of work
  • Answer any questions or address any concerns you, the builder, or any specialist consultants have, or assess construction progress and issue progress certificates
  • Release progress payments upon satisfactory completion of stages
  • Liaise with the builder on your behalf on such things as variations, delays, material unavailability, etc.
  • Assess and report back to you regarding any requests by the builder for variations or time extensions
  • Make any required adjustments to monetary sums such as prime costs and provisional sums
  • Notify all parties regarding any defective or incomplete work
  • Assess practical completion and issue notice of practical completion
  • Carry out defect inspections.
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