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Landscape Design Makeover Packages

Option 1

Partial Makeover Design Direction Report

This option includes a 1 hour meeting to discuss your needs and options, and decide upon which external area you would like the Partial Makeover Design Direction Report to cover. The Partial Makeover Design Direction Report will detail the chosen plant selections, landscaping materials and styling of the chosen external area with some quotes provided. You will also get 1 hour of phone support during your makeover so that you can ask us for assistance, as needed, during the renovation.

Option 2

Complete Makeover Design Direction Report

Option 2 includes a written Complete Makeover Design Direction Report that details all the exterior design choices for all the areas we discussed in your pre-design consultation. You will have all the information you need to get started on your landscape design makeover, including selections and finishes that we recommend. All you will have to do is organise the tradesmen and get started.

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Internal areas

Interior Design Makeover Packages