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Yatala Outdoor Entertainment Home Design

Comfortable extension

Yatala Outdoor Entertainment Area Design

Our Yatala outdoor entertainment area design incorporates functionality. Along with environmental benefits. This is to provide a very comfortable extension for our clients. Best of all, the advantages of this area can be enjoyed year-round.

Complimentary styling

Inviting Entertainment Space

Renovating this Yatala outdoor entertainment area was a perfect way to improve light and airflow. As a result, an improvement for the unused space. And so high-level louvres were incorporated. Located in the north-east aspect of the outdoor area. Because of this, it allowed cooling breezes and natural lighting to flow through the space.

After that, shutters were added on the western side of the area. This is to block out the harsh sunlight and stormy weather. The client was after a contemporary feel. Which complimented the style of the existing home. Additionally, she had a taste for warmer tones. As well as an interest in the traditional Brisbane sandstone colours.

In conclusion, we chose a combination of sandstone tiles. A natural look stone feature wall, blackbutt timber and a subtle colour scheme as well. The result is an extraordinarily warm and inviting entertainment space.

Project Number: 150604

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