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Hawthorne House Renovation

Project background

Hawthorne House Renovation

The primary objective of the Hawthorne house renovation was to provide additional living and entertaining areas in a home the family had outgrown. We worked in harmony with our clients to achieve a renovation design that meets their lifestyle requirements.

Project details

Renovation design

The renovation designed for this Hawthorne home transformed the single storey Queenslander to a two-storey fully renovated home with all the additional space the family were seeking.

The house was only on a 400sqm block (20 x 20 dimensions), so while it had a wide frontage, there was no backyard. Thus a private courtyard was designed and constructed at the front of the house. The main living areas were relocated to the ground floor and flowed out onto the courtyard. All the bedrooms and a large secondary living space remained on the first floor.

The Hawthorne house renovation design also substantially improved the street appeal of the home. Together with the functional layout and increased living areas, this would see the home commanding a much higher resale value as well, but more importantly, it was now a home that met the needs of the family living there.

Entertainment area

Indoor-outdoor room

As part of a substantial renovation to this Hawthorne Queenslander, a main focus and outcome was to provide a very usable and attractive indoor-outdoor living and entertaining area for the family and their friends.

This was achieved by relocating the living area to the ground floor. Although this Hawthorne house had a wide frontage, it was on a small (400sqm) block and the house was built to the back of the block.  Thus there was no backyard area to utilise for entertaining, dining or relaxing.

I designed the renovation such that the living areas were relocated to the front of the home on the ground floor level.  From the living area, I designed an enclosed courtyard providing privacy and the space required for entertaining as requested by the owners of the home.

Project Number: 030202

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