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Annerley Home Extension

Small renovation & extension

Annerley Home Extension

This small renovation and extension project in Annerley was to expand the indoor/outdoor living spaces for a 1910’s workers cottage, creating a connection between the living area and the backyard. A kitchen renovation was also required, with cosmetic changes giving a new lease of life to the old home’s charm. There were a few challenges with noise penetrating the home from a busy main road and a tight budget, which meant the design needed to create a very liveable, cost-effective space.

Cosmetic enhancements

Project details

The design expands the living areas at the rear of the home and integrates these spaces with the backyard through a new indoor/outdoor living room. We have maximised the function of the previous internal spaces and provided defined uses for each area. The kitchen was integrated into the design to ensure a flow through these main zones. A larger kitchen was created and cosmetic enhancements to the existing cupboards allowed our clients to save on their budget in this area. Noise insulation was installed to block out the noise from Ipswich Road. Covered access to the laundry was also accommodated in the design of the extension.

Due to the clients’ budget, we ensured the solution would provide the space required while restricting the degrees of the renovation. We provided recommendations for the future with regard to their bathroom so this space could become more functional in the future.

This design was a finalist in the 2006 HIA ‘Building Designer of the Year’ Award.

Annerley is about 6km south of the Brisbane city centre. It started as a farming community back in the 1850’s and was then divided into perch blocks in the late 1800’s. In the 1970’s many units and townhouses were built.

Today Annerley has a mix of housing from grand old Queenslanders to colonials to apartments and townhouses.

Project Number: 041108

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