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Landscape Design Services throughout Brisbane

No matter how long you have lived in your home we can assist you with your landscape design needs. At dion seminara landscape design we offer custom landscape design services across Brisbane and surrounding areas (Chelmer, Ascot, and Paddington for example). Our work is suited to our clients’ needs and desires, we provide services that will ensure you have no stress or confusions about your landscape design. If you are looking for something less bespoke we also offer set landscape design makeover package services for those who wish to do the work themselves or are looking to renovate for selling.

Like everything we do, our landscape design process begins with a pre-design consultation to understand your needs and options. At dion seminara landscape design we are dedicated to ensuring your design perfectly matches you and reflects your lifestyle. Your landscape design process will involve concept design, design development, detailed drawings, and installation/building; a smooth process from start to finish.

To find out more information and how we can help you with either your landscape design or interior design, please contact our studio using the link below, or alternatively look at our bespoke design process or makeover packages.

Tailored solutions

Landscape designer servicing Brisbane suburbs and Queensland wide

We know that there are a lot of things to consider when you’re looking for a landscape designer, but foremost on your list should be a company you can trust to deliver what you want. We have worked with clients in Chelmer, Ascot and all over Brisbane and south-east Queensland and pride ourselves on our ability to listen to what you want and to create a design that works for you and your family or business.
Outdoor living spaces

Brisbane families are increasingly embracing indoor/outdoor living. As your landscape design experts, we can help your family to embrace a new way of living. The design, plant choices and colour schemes that we put in place are all thoughtfully considered and implemented to deliver maximum enjoyment for you and your family.

The right plants for you

Having the right plants and materials is crucial in any landscape design, particularly given Brisbane’s climate and often harsh temperatures. Do you want plants that will grow into an attractive screen for some privacy? Perhaps you are after a blooming range of flowers and vines to attract native wildlife and birds. An extensive understanding of which plants suit particular areas is more than just desirable; it’s vital.

Horticultural knowledge

Knowledge of soil composition, planting zones, growing seasons, climatic temperature ranges and rainfall/sunlight/wind tolerances are all things that we consider when planning your landscape design. We know what kinds of plants thrive in certain conditions and will incorporate our extensive horticultural knowledge with our passion for design to ensure that your garden will flourish.

Samples of our work

Landscape Design


External & Landscape Works To 1930s Art Deco Queenslander

Landscape Design, Renovations, Queenslanders

In a suburb that’s well-known for its Queenslander homes, this Art Deco Queenslander rises from a sea of similar designs. The extensive external and landscape works have brought this 1930s Queenslander home to life, with a mix of contemporary and character features.

Samples of our work

Landscape Design


Hawthorne Eco Home Renovation

Interior Design, Landscape Design, Renovations, Queenslanders, Indoor/Outdoor

This Hawthorne eco home renovation morphed the home from a two-bedroom cottage for a couple, to a three bedroom, two-storey family home.

Samples of our work

Landscape Design


Cashmere Pool Pavilion Renovation

Landscape Design, Renovations, 60’s – 2000’s, Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor Entertainment

The concept behind this pavilion pool renovation was to integrate the existing pool with an entertainment area for the enjoyment of family and friends.

Samples of our work

Landscape Design


Period Renovation Auchenflower – National Trust Home

Interior Design, Landscape Design, Renovations, Colonials

Dion’s incredible designs for this heritage home successfully integrates modern architecture with historical design. Dion Seminara is an experienced period renovation architect that preserves the beauty of heritage listed homes, while harmoniously blending the new designs with the old.

Samples of our work

Landscape Design

North Lakes

North Lakes Pool & Entertainment Area Design

Renovations, 60’s – 2000’s, Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor Entertainment

In a sea of project homes surrounding the local golf course, a contemporary, streamlined roof breathes new life into the area with its newly created entertainment area design.

Brisbane external works

Landscape Design Experience

A stunning home deserves a spectacular surround. Our landscape design experts believe that your gardens and surrounds should consist of space that you actually want to use and enjoy. So when you work with us, you’ll be able to take your dreams and plans for your outdoor spaces and make them a reality. We’re experienced as a professional landscape design team and can incorporate outdoor spaces into a home design, or work with you to implement a dream garden design. The only limit is your imagination.


Attention to detail

We offer incredible design, a wealth of experience and consult with you heavily in the preliminary planning stages to ensure that the end result is something that you are delighted with. Our attention to detail means that nothing is missed, and we use imaginative solutions to maximise your outdoor spaces.



We will speak with you at length about what sort of design you’re considering, and will go through a range of options in regards to light, space, plants, green spaces, play areas, gardens and any other feature you’re considering. We also offer horticultural consultation to speak with you about the suitability of various plants. From conception through to execution, we are there for you to ensure the development and design process is smooth and enjoyable.


Design enhancing life

Do you have plans for an outdoor space with plenty of native plants interspersed with a stepped backyard? Perhaps you have always wanted an elegant water feature in your backyard that works double time as an irrigation solution for some exotic plants. No matter what your dream is, we can help bring it to life.

Sculpting spaces

Our Landscape Design Service

At dion seminara landscape design, we understand the importance of flow from the inside and out. We sculpt spaces that are perfect for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying.

In-house expertise

We provide a landscape design service that will fit seamlessly into your architectural and interior designs, creating a blended look that will perfectly complement your home and your lifestyle. With a wealth of experience, knowledge and design talent on offer, dion seminara landscape design can create the perfect landscape design for your home.

Make the most of your space

Your outdoor areas are a place to entertain, a place to play, a place to relax and enjoy nature, and a space where you should feel right at home. When you work with us at dion seminara landscape design, you can leverage our skill and experience to ensure that you get the very best landscape design possible.

Lifestyle design

Do you have plans for an outdoor space with plenty of native plants interspersed with a stepped backyard? Perhaps you have always wanted an elegant water feature in your backyard that works double time as an irrigation solution for some exotic plants. No matter what your dream is, we can help bring it to life.

Unparalleled service

Our landscape design service includes all the elements that you may be looking for such as outdoor kitchens, covered entertainment areas, privacy screens, paths, driveways, walls and fencing. Whatever your lifestyle or preferences, as your professional landscape designer, we tailor our landscape design specifically for you.

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