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Stafford Heights Home Renovation

Architectural style

Stafford Heights Home Renovation

Our Stafford Heights home renovation clients desired to make a mark on the street as far as the homes aesthetic appeal. Taking on some of the character elements from typical older styles in Stafford Height’s homes is essential in order to respectfully blend.

    1. The home has gable ends which are not common in the neighbourhood. So, as a result, an instantaneous change would be to add a metal roof which we will make the home immediately more attractive. In addition to help unite all proposed new additions to the home with the existing bulk of the house.
    2. The home must respond to the climate and take advantage of our climate. So, this is to ensure maximum natural airflow and a natural well lit environment.
    3. All changes need to reflect the architectural style. Additionally, the aesthetics of the home needs to reflect the time that the home is being renovated within. A contemporary styling that is respectful to the older neighbourhood is essential. Lastly, a home that is well proportioned balanced and has a wow factor must be created.
    4. For a house to be a home there must be connectivity. Therefore, to achieve this, from the building to the interior and the landscape design and all parts must integrate seamlessly with each other.

Streetscape | Stafford Heights home renovation

Landscaping is extremely important. This should be used to enhance both sides of the front fence out onto the footpath. Therefore, particular attention should also be placed on the pedestrian entry point.

      1. A high fence made of two different materials located along the front boundary is recommended. These two materials will, firstly, provide a solid and defensive feel to those areas. Which are located behind these portions of the fence which need to be private e.g. the courtyard in part and second style of fencing can provide an inviting/welcoming feeling particularly around the pedestrian entry point.
      2. As a result of the potential of locating the children’s internal entertainment room in place of the current living room at the front of the home; a gatehouse/security entry point should be included. It is important to control who enters the property.
      3. A new double carport will need to be created across the current driveway at the front of the house. This new structure will be designed to blend with the current roof design. In addition, a new panel lift door will be added to the front to screen off the vehicles.

Front yard | Stafford Heights home renovation

Moving through the gatehouse and heading towards the front door along a new entry path, to the left would be the carport and to the right would be a newly tiled courtyard with enhanced landscaping beneath the current screen planting and possibly a pergola structure. A screen fence will isolate the courtyard from the entry path.

    1. The current front door would be relocated out from its current position. This is to provide more space within the internal entry. Therefore, a new attractive timber-framed obscure glass pivot door could be incorporated.
    2. To the western and eastern ends of this front yard space, we recommend the creation of a lushly landscaped area to screen out neighbouring homes.
Project details

Design concept

Backyard and sides areas | Stafford Heights home renovation

We recommend thick landscape on all side and rear boundaries. Tall planting should be incorporated along the back boundary. This is to block out the neighbours with the possible addition of a large arbour. Including, possible poolside pergola structure to use vines and other plantings, in conclusion, to assist in screening out the rear neighbours.

  1. The western side garden area would contain a drying area and sidewall mounted storage areas. Most importantly, for pool equipment and the like.
  2. A new covered entertainment area would be created under the new rear addition. Meanwhile, this area would have external tiles over a concrete slab. Within this space there would be room for an outdoor kitchen, dining area and lounging area.

Ground Floor Changes | Stafford Heights home renovation

  1. Firstly, as mentioned above a new front door would be incorporated.
  2. At the internal stair, a new balustrade and/or screen would be included.
  3. All internal brickwork would be plastered over or removed.
  4. All floor coverings would be replaced with strip timber flooring. So, a light hardwood would be recommended.
  5. The existing garage would be converted to study. As a result, it would sit alongside the entry and a larger fitted storage area with direct access via the house and from the carport via a roller door.
  6. The existing front living space would be extended towards the street out under the balcony above and converted to an entertainment room. Additionally, with large sliding doors opening this space out to the new front courtyard.
  7. As a result, the connection between the current dining room and the living room would be sealed off.

Ground Floor Changes | Stafford Heights home renovation (Cont.)

  1. A new open plan living, dining and kitchen would be created on the back half of the ground floor. Therefore, we will need to determine if the current depth of the dining and kitchen current spaces is adequate. This is given there proposed conversion to a dining room in place of the current kitchen and main living room in place of the current dining room.
  2. The current TV room will become the new kitchen. Therefore, an additional extension of this space will be implemented towards the pool out onto what is currently the back terrace.
  3. The kitchen will be galley style with breakfast bench open style. So consequently, it will also have a 900 wide hotplate and electric oven combination, large walk-in pantry and appliance cupboard.
  4. The new outdoor kitchen with bar fridge, BBQ and pizza oven will sit in front of the kitchen. Between the kitchen and the pool itself.
  5. The laundry will also be extended to align with the kitchen extension.
  6. The current ground floor bathroom will be converted to a powder room with WC and basin.
  7. A new central hall in place of the display cabinet off the kitchen will be created linking through to the laundry, powder room, study and storage room.
Further information

Stafford Heights Architecture

First-floor Change | Stafford Heights home renovation

  1. The AC duct cupboard at the top of the stairs will be removed. As a result, the duct will be relocated elsewhere.
  2. The front children’s bedrooms will be extended out toward the street and onto the current balcony area.
  3. The bedroom will be expanded into a rear extension. So consequently, this rear extension will include a bedroom area of at least 4.5 x 4m, walk-in robe with approximately 8m of hanging in a double hanging arrangement and large ensuite, large shower 1×1.2m, double basins and screened off WC.
  4. The main bathroom will also be upgraded and expanded as needed. Moreover, to incorporate a large separate shower, bath, twin basins and separate WC.
  5. Additional storage will be incorporated wherever possible.

Stafford Heights History and Architecture

Stafford Heights is 8km North of the Brisbane city centre. Houses vary from New luxury homes to post-war homes on big blocks. Fortunately, there is plenty of opportunity for renovation.

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