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Tarragindi Renovation


Tarragindi Renovation

The Tarragindi renovation home has significant pedestrian and vehicular access issues. Which needed to be remedied in order to improve the long term value of the property.

To resolve these issues a new visitor and main entry will be created. Located directly below the current study so that the front door will actually become visible from the street below. As the ascent from this new parking area to the main living zone will be significant. As a result, a small lift will be installed, adding further value to the property.

A new covered deck of approximately 25sqm will be added to the front of the home. This is to capture the south-wester views and across the suburb to the south-east.

The kitchen will be relocated to the northern end of the pre-existing outdoor area. As to fix current privacy issues in this space. On the new northern wall above the kitchen would be a long strip of high level windows. Therefore, maximising light and air flow into the living area.

The kitchen will include a large storage space in a butler’s pantry style. And will have windows that access the north-east aspect. The kitchen will also have views into the garden via sliding doors.

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The existing study will be removed from its current location. Then this space will form part of the main living area. With large windows included on the eastern and southern faces to maximise light and air flow.

Sunscreens will also be included to cut out the harsh summer morning sun. Essentially the living, dining and kitchen area will have an indoor/outdoor feel with extensive window/door opportunities. On at least two sides as well as the high level windows on the north.

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