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Kenmore Modern Home Renovation


Kenmore Modern Home Renovation

This Kenmore modern home renovation included modernising the home and improving the home’s interior layout. When making a mark in the street in regards to a home’s aesthetical appeal it is important that we are mindful of the neighbouring home’s styles.

Therefore for this Kenmore modern home renovation we will take on some of the character elements from typical older style Kenmore homes in order to respectfully blend while maintaining its own personality.

A high fence made of two differing materials in different formats will be built around the home with the driveway located on the south -west end of the property. To the north east end we will create a lushly landscaped and turfed area levelled where possible. The feature leopard tree will be enhanced with low planting around its base and feature night time lighting installed around the base of the tree to create silhouettes in the night.

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We have designed the bedrooms to be large so that they can be combined for now but then easily split into separate spaces. A private entry space would be created at the top of the stairs away from the living areas for visitors to the home. To the north of the entry will be the new main bedroom with associated amenities.

To the south will be the living room, while further down towards the rear of the home will be the other three bedrooms. On the north-west corner the home opens out to capture the view of the leopard tree. The internal stair is located here with a large window to capture the tree and to look into the living room. To the south-west end at the front section of the home will be the kitchen/dining/living which would then open through to a large covered deck.

Unfortunately the ground floor is considered non-habitable and thus will house the garage, laundry and large storage area.

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