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Greenslopes Home Renovation

Queenslander architecture

Greenslopes Home Renovation

This Greenslopes home renovation was undertaken to improve the functionality and appearance of the home while maintaining the integrity of the existing house.

Project details

Design concept

The first floor of the house will remain as the main living area of the home, with only two bedrooms to be on this level. Our client’s older relative is to live with them. Therefore, we recommended that they occupied one of the first-floor bedrooms to give them access to the private sitting room. The additional bedrooms are to be located on the ground floor.

A proposed extension and deck are to have the newly landscaped backyard as the focal point. This will link to the open plan kitchen, family and dining room with a contemporary look and feel that respects the older Queenslander home.

By opening up the Queenslander home, we make the most of the cooling breezes and natural light, lowering the need for air-conditioning systems in summer and winter.

Staging the project

Master planning

For budgetary reasons, we designed the Greenslopes home renovation project to be separated into two stages.

The first stage was to include a new family room extension, a new bathroom and kitchen, internal stairs, renovated front stairs, and a new ground floor layout. The house will also be repainted in stage one to improve the street appeal of the home. These changes to the home will mean improved zoning within the house, with better positioning of the bathroom and kitchen.

The second stage involves the full fit out of the ground floor, a new entry area and front door, a new french door to the first floor, and a roof over the ramp to the garage. The second stage has been designed for the long-term needs of our clients, as the children grow they can move downstairs, and the older relative can remain upstairs. The Queenslander home will have better flow throughout the entire home, without losing the character of the original style of the house.

If you are thinking of renovating a Queenslander home and want a design that matches your short term and long term needs, contact us today to discuss your options.

Suburb history

Greenslopes architecture

Greenslopes is approximately six kilometres from the Brisbane city centre. The name is believed to have come from the green slopes of the first farm in the area. This farm was one of the first in Queensland to grow vines and farm dairy. It used to be part of the Stephens Shire until this amalgamated into Brisbane. Trams were a feature of Greenslopes up until the 1950s and 1960s.

Many homes in the area were built before the war and as a result, are classified as ‘character homes’. A ‘character home’ classification means you may not be able to develop them, or there may be special guidelines. New homes also generally need to reflect the existing character of the area. In Greenslopes, you can find many beautiful old Queenslanders mixed in with modern units. As the area is slightly hilly, you may find a home with an incredible view.

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