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Ashgrove Post War Home Renovation



Ashgrove Post War Home Renovation

This Ashgrove Post War home renovation included two concept options presented to our clients. A new double carport on the right-hand side will provide additional protected car parking. What is really important when investing in your home is to ensure the streetscape look and feel of your home is equal if not better than your interior.

Therefore, the front fence in this Ashgrove Post War home renovation would look best with a smooth-faced brick in combination with some possible rendered brickwork. This is to enhance the home and it a contemporary feel that’s sympathetic to the character of the house. A gatehouse over the pedestrian gate will shelter friends and family wanting access to the property. Consequently, it will improve the overall streetscape.

The fence structure will act as the connecting element for the extra block of land and the current house. Our client’s front yard provides the perfect large grassy area for their grandchildren to play. However, we needed to ensure it is a secure and visible space. Therefore, to have visibility to this area we designed a new external alfresco dining area. The new fence provides security and safety and includes space for adults to sit in comfort and supervise the children. Additionally, the existing front entry verandah will be expanded as this space does offer a good all year round lounging/reading spot. It is also a useful spot to watch over children at play.

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To replace the 1986 additions at the rear of the formal living we designed a new indoor/outdoor “raffles” inspired room. We will expand this new room into the courtyard space directly out from the current kitchen. The kitchen will be relocated into this space, with part of the existing older space available for the butler’s pantry and a much larger dining room.

By moving the kitchen into this area we will ensure there is a close connection from the kitchen to the outdoor dining and entertainment areas. From here the kitchen will also gain greater visual connection across the pool area. Furthermore, it will gain the additional light and airflow opportunities from new high-level windows sitting above the southern wall line of the existing formal living area.

The new alfresco casual dining space will be included under the same roof line as the indoor/outdoor room. This outdoor area will include a large outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen with barbeque and pizza oven. The fireplace will use the same brickwork as the front fence and front entry verandah to theme the home. An elevated poolside pavilion with lounges and bench seating will be located at the back of the pool. As a result, this will give the area a resort feel. Finally, the covered poolside pavilion will be elevated by two steps above the pool with large timber steps across the front and sides.

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