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The Gap Modern Home Renovation

Project scope

The Gap Modern Home Renovation

This home renovation project in The Gap aimed to modernise this 1980’s style brick home, improve its livability, and significantly enhance its street appeal.

Our clients informed us that they had always wanted a home that maximised indoor/outdoor living. We, therefore, centred our designs around this concept and recommended that they take full advantage of their back garden. By curating an additional outdoor living space in this north-eastern aspect of the property, we significantly improved the livability and overall aesthetic of this unique home.

Design details

The Gap Modern Home Renovation

Our designs for this renovation aimed to maximise the natural light and ventilation of the home. To achieve this, we lined the house with large windows and installed several elevated roofs on the property. These roofs were carefully designed to protect the home from the full heat of the sun, while still allowing the home beneath it to capitalise on the available natural light.  Seasonally, these roofs were also elevated in such a way that they captured the winter sun and shielded the home from the harshness of the summer sun.

The new outdoor entertainment area is linked to the rest of the house via a wide set of steps and a directional roof. What’s more, this design feature provides our clients with additional seating when the family entertains guests.

The exterior of the home was also substantially improved through the addition of three roofs- two for the home, and one for the garage. These roof structures were a very effective way of modernising the overall aesthetics of the home. Practically, it was also an effective way to provide the property with weather protection.

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