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The Gap Modern Home Renovation

Project scope

The Gap Modern Home Renovation

The Gap modern home renovation included the modernisation and a unique (yet practical) home renovation design to this 1980s brick home. As you can see from the images, the house prior to renovation was in desperate need of an uplift as well as an alternation that took advantage of the north-east aspect.

The aim of the design that we created was not only to provide the additional outdoor living space that the family wished to have but also to improve the streetscape (and hence resale value) of the home. In evaluating the house as well as the lifestyle of the family we advised them of a better use for the back garden.

Design details

The Gap Modern Home Renovation

The major features of The Gap modern home renovation design were in the inclusion of a greater amount of natural light through larger windows. To ensure that the home obtained the natural light but not the full heat of the sun, the design included several elevated roofs. The elevation of the roofs was such that the lower winter sun could be captured; however, the house would be protected from the blazing summer sun.

In relation to the back garden, the entertainment area was designed to include a wide set of steps as well as a directional roof. This feature of the design was included in order to link the house, the living area, and the back garden. This design also provided an area for additional seating when the family was entertaining.

The exterior of the home was substantially improved through the addition of two additional roofs to the home and one for the garage. These additional roofs were a very effective method of modernising the home as well as providing weather protection. The images below show you the house prior to renovation and the new modern design that we created.

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