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Ascot Home Interior Renovation

Design philosophy

From Doggy Door to Dream Home

Most people wouldn’t expect someone to engage an architect to design a doggy door in their home. But this project is a perfect example of why you should keep an open mind when it comes to who designs any changes to your home, regardless of the size of the project.

Our client was looking for a solution to contain their two much-loved dachshunds, to certain areas of the home. The dogs themselves would, from time to time, attack the skirting and architraves, which meant that any solution would need to overcome this challenge, in addition to being practical and aesthetically pleasing.

It took roughly a third of our allotted consultation time to devise a solution with our clients, leaving us time to talk about their other thoughts and desires in terms of their home’s design.

I offered my thoughts on several ways the home could be enhanced, both visually and from a lifestyle perspective. Intrigued, the conversation continued as my client’s embraced the ideas that I had presented them.

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Down to the business of enhancement

The conversation focused around the entrance to the home, which was not to my client’s liking in its present state. To enhance this area visually we devised a combination of bold, dark colours on the walls whilst adding interesting texture through a detailed batten ceiling in the entry hall.

The entrance had been frustratingly dark. To brighten this area, and add further interest to space, glass panels were added to one side of the entry hall. A glass door replaced the original dark timber one, resulting in diffused natural light now filling the space.

The polished concrete floor had seen better days, with unrepairable rust stains seeping through to the surface. The concrete itself was strong, to the point that it took a week to grind it down far enough for the new tiled floor to be laid.

It was important that the tiles be flush to remove any tripping hazards. To achieve this, we engaged the services of a highly experienced installer in addition to selecting large format tiles to minimise the number of joints between the tiles themselves.

The result is a stunning floor that gives the entrance to the home a contemporary feel.

The entrance was only part of the puzzle

The newly designed entrance greatly enhances the appearance of the home. However, whilst the entrance to the building itself had received a stunning contemporary makeover, the streetscape itself was uninspiring.

To improve the front of the property a new gatehouse and walls were constructed.

The gatehouse steps up to the front path, with a custom-designed handrail blending in perfectly with the rest of the structure.

The walls at the front of the property were tiled, giving a wonderfully modern feel. The tiles themselves are patterned with a paint resistant coating, due to a large number of graffiti attacks on fences in the area. Plants in front give added depth to the boundary of the property and reduce the appeal to potential graffiti artists.

A new crossover of concrete featuring dark exposed aggregate to blend with the colour of the home leads to the newly installed gates across the driveway. The dark paint of the upper floor, contrasts beautifully with the tiled lower section. Thus creating visual interest which has resulted in a home that is now contemporary and stylish.

And the doggy door?

The doggy door is more of a super stylish ‘doggie gate’, being full height, obscure glass cavity slider. The dogs tend to attack the skirting boards, but this was solved by the addition of aluminium plates and trims. Resulting in not only an effective way to prevent damage from claws, but also look wonderfully stylish.

So, whilst the project had started as something small the result has been a stunning success. We have given the home the lift it needed with a beautiful contemporary makeover.

As mentioned previously, this is a great example of why if you have a project that needs doing, regardless of how small, you give us a call. Not all projects grow beyond their original scope, but every project benefit from true design skill and talent.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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