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Interior Design, Renovations, 60's - 2000's

Ascot Interior & Streetscape Renovation

Design philosophy

Ascot Interior & Streetscape Renovation

The design intent for this Ascot interior & streetscape renovation was to create a wow factor and improved functionality for the family and their pets.

Project Number: 180301

Client testimonial

We engaged Dion Seminara Architecture to help find a more aesthetically pleasing solution to using a baby gate to fence off an area for our dogs. His design solution was nothing short of brilliant – both in form and function.

We are astounded at the way that Dion managed to effectively understand our brief, understand our passion for interior design, gauge our style and uncompromising standards and immediately provide options that were on-point.

In addition to interior works, Dion made us aware of improvements that we had not even considered; all of which will provide, what is an ordinary street facade, with the WOW factor. All of the suggestions made are being embraced and Dion will oversee all works.

W have an immense amount of respect for his talent, and that of his team. He is professional, punctual and accommodating.

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