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Architects Chermside New Home Design

About the project

Project summary

The design of this new home in Chermside took advantage of our Design Development and Approvals process. The new home design has contemporary lines, elevated across two levels with the main living areas and bedroom looking across at the park views opposite the home. A landscaped front yard containing the pool area welcomes you into the home. Retaining walls protect the property from a slight flood risk and the front yard’s levels were increased to deal with the slope of the site.

A light-filled entry breaks the lines between the two major building elements of the home being a living wing and the main bedroom wing. An external access stair has been incorporated to bring guests up to the main living area and the front door on the first floor.

About the location


This property in the leafy Brisbane North suburb of Chermside offered park views and a north-east facing aspect. To capitalise on the aspect all living areas have been designed to face the north-east with first floor areas opening to a large deck and ground floor spaces opening to a poolside terrace.

Architects Chermside

Design objectives

One of the main objectives has been to relate the kitchen to the living spaces, particularly the external spaces. The kitchen has been orientated to focus on the external deck instead of the internal living space.

Another of the main considerations has been to unite the pool with the interior, creating a connection at ground floor level, with a view from the first floor.

The main bedroom and garage wing are set forward close to the street to allow our car enthusiast client to have ample room for his classic car collection.

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