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Architect Advantages – Custom Home Designers

Our difference spans from our proven ability to create designs that enhance life. The architectural advantages, lifestyle design, value for money and unrivalled expertise are the unique advantages we will bring to your project.

Whether renovating, building new, looking for that indoor-outdoor connectivity or redesigning the interiors of your home or office, we are passionate about all things custom. Let us take your home design to the next level.

Aside from homes, we have curated outstanding outcomes for multi-residential projects and public commercial buildings from apartments, to luxury resorts, to large churches.

At dion seminara architecture, we’ll see to it that you don’t just get a meticulously designed space – you’ll also get a place that can truly be called home. Our mission is to craft a bespoke design solution for you and your family or end inhabitants’ needs – today and for the future.


Lifestyle Design

We understand that every home – just
like every person or family – is different.
At dion seminara architecture you definitely
won’t get a cookie cutter or one size fits all.
What you do get is a design solution that
matches perfectly with YOUR family’s needs
and site situation at every level.


Value for Money

We are driven to provide more value to
your project and it’s needs. Our focus on
your needs is what makes our design
process a cut above the rest. From custom
sketch design, design development and right
up until your project’s tender, attention
to detail is our priority for you.


Personalised Approach

We provide a personalised approach with
full consideration of all services to achieve
the best result for your project. From building
architectural design and interior design to
landscape and external works design,
we always look at what is right for you,
your family and your lifestyle needs.

Why choose an architect?

The Architect Difference


With comprehensive University education, practical training and ongoing compulsory professional development, Architects are proficient in areas of building design, construction systems and materials, building code compliance and technical documentation, and environmental performance analysis.


Architects are professionally obliged to advise clients on all aspects related to a project and must operate with complete transparency. We are 100% independent of builders. Through our competitive tender process, you have the opportunity to lock in the best quality builders for your project at the best price.


Choosing dion seminara architecture means you get both creative design input and real construction knowledge. Dion holds a general builder’s license ensuring practical outcomes are a priority throughout the design process. Our documentation translates the design intent into a built outcome.

The difference comes down to training, expertise, experience and legislation.

University educated with supervised practical experience

Our Architects are university educated through Bachelor of Architecture Degrees encompassing six years of professional education. Training includes areas of building design, construction systems and materials, code compliance and technical documentation, and environmental performance analysis – just to name a few! These higher qualifications result in design outcomes complete with sustainability already considered to help you lower the running cost of your home and reduce your carbon footprint. The theory and practical instruction do not end with a Degree. We must then commit to an additional two years of supervised practical experience, followed by written and verbal Architectural Practice Examinations. Only at the successful completion of this rigorous and comprehensive training and practical experience can we then refer to ourselves as Architects. Registration with the Board of Architects will demonstrate that the professional requirements and industry standards have been met.

Compulsory continuing professional development

Commitment to compulsory continuing professional development to maintain our qualifications, Architects must keep at the forefront of industry knowledge.

Professional Code of Conduct

We also adhere to the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Code of Conduct which includes obligations to the public, the client, our profession and our colleagues. We are professionally obliged to advise clients on all aspects related to a project, including processes and costs – all of which relate to the welfare of the client. Our wealth of knowledge provides planning, design, materials and construction input.

100% Independent

Under the Code of Conduct, Architects must operate with complete transparency. We are 100% independent of builders allowing you to obtain competitive tenders for your project from a number of builders. Being independent provides you with the best quality build for the best price. In fact, we have saved our clients as much as 30% on their construction costs just by getting a number of quotes!

Strengthened by The Architects Act 2002

For Queensland Architects, The Architects Act 2002 strengthens our professional standing in the industry. This legislation protects you, the client, as it is illegal for a designer to refer to themselves as an architect without being registered with the Board of Architects. The Legislation assures that the professional you are dealing with has the mandatory skills, training and standards to ensure your project’s design is completed with a degree of professionalism.

Imagination, ideas and creativity

We love building, interior, and landscape design, and we are passionate about visualising the bigger picture. As your Brisbane architect, our goal is to provide ideas and solutions that you may have never imagined possible. We’re not here to give you a design that you could have done yourself; we’re here to show you new possibilities in living and lifestyle. Imagination and creativity are in our blood, and we tap into these resources to give you amazing designs every time.

Personalised approach to custom design solutions

We understand that every home – just like every person or family – is different. At dion seminara architecture, you’ll get a perfectly crafted design that’s tailored to your needs, location and personal style. You definitely won’t get a “cookie cutter”, one-size-fits-all approach from our team – that’s simply not how we work. What you do get is a plan that matches perfectly with YOUR family’s needs at every level.

Integrated design

We provide architectural input across all facets of your project, from building and interior design to external works and landscaping. We always look at the bigger picture, making sure each area complements each other.

Custom home designers

dion seminara architecture are, first and foremost, consummate professionals. Architectural design is more than just an interest to us – it’s our passion. We’ve dedicated ourselves to our craft, and we honour and share these talents by providing our custom home designer services with the utmost professionalism.

Real construction knowledge provides practical outcomes

Dion holds a general builder’s license; he understands the building side of the process intimately which is an advantage to you in getting your home constructed. Having both design expertise and material knowledge combined with construction experience ensures your project can be translated successfully into a practical built outcome. We consider detailed construction level documents and specifications essential to allow the builder to interpret the design intent and to provide expected outcomes.

Deciding which architect to use comes down to a decision based on integrity, creativity and relationship building.

Custom Home Designers – Renovations

Before & Afters

Our expertise in renovation design spans various housing styles, from Queenslanders and Post War homes to brick veneer and project homes. View our gallery to see more of these transformations.

Cost efficiency

See how an architect can save you money

There are many advantages of working with professional Brisbane custom home designers like dion seminara architecture:

Protecting Your Interests

When you work with our architectural custom home designers team, our focus will always be on you and how to maximise your home’s living conditions. Unlike others in the industry, we don’t tailor our designs to maximise profits for the builder.

Build Real Estate Value

An architecturally designed home has continually proven to be a valuable asset. In the crowded real estate market, your home will stand out from a crowd of mass-produced project homes. A home designed by an award-winning architectural firm will be an additional marketing point for your real estate agent to ensure that you get top-dollar when you decide to sell.

Balance of Form, Function and Aesthetics

As experienced Brisbane architects, we are masters at balancing form and function, giving you a home that maximises liveability as well as aesthetics.

Copyright Ownership

With dion seminara architecture, YOU will own the copyright to your design. If you work with a building designer, then your building’s copyright remains with the building designer, which means you’re left with no design if you reject their building proposal.

Competitive Tenders

As a professionally recognised Brisbane architect, we can call for competitive tenders, which can save you a significant amount of money in the end.


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With dion seminara architecture, you can build the home that you’ve always wanted with more possibilities than ever. When you’re building a home for you and your family, ‘good enough’ shouldn’t cut it. What you need – and what we can provide – are ideas and solutions that can get you as close to perfect as possible. At dion seminara architecture, we’ll help you build the home you deserve. Contact our team to get started, and see the difference yourself!

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